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  1. Is there anything 18+ for Saturday night. It seems that there are very few 18+ parties these days, and I can't say I don't understand why... most people don't want a bunch of punks screwing around messing up everyone's time, but there are those of us still under the age limit who just enjoy the music and don't want to cause anyone problems- this is my dilemma and I would hate to think that I must wait another 3 years to be able to do the same thing I'd do now - enjoy the music. O well, if anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it. Alex
  2. judge jules last night...

    Yo I am really pissed I missed that party. Last night I got to avalon around 1:30 and it was soo cold. We were waiting on line and the guy says no more dudes. I was like.. holy shit? I understand he didnt want it to be a sausage factory but still, it really suck.. None the less.. i wouldnt have been as pissed if we didnt then go waste our money at deep. I had heard good things about DEEP so I checked it out with my bud. We were completely out of place. It is like a 30+ scene. I was like.. wow some of these women could be my mom! They were hot but none the less.. not the scene I was looking to bring my buddies to. What a waste. I want to go out again tonite.. Is the Dj at avalon going to be hot tonite? I have never heard any of his stuff. Also.. can guys get in under 21? I know it said ladies 18, guys 21, but there were tons of dudes that looked like they were 12 last nite. Thanks Alex