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  1. **SONG TITLE? Please Help!**

    oh... now i know whayt you mean.. they're introduced at the very beginnning briefly, before the whole True LIfe: I'm A Clubber screen even comes on to tell you what you're watching. What you're talking about is when they each get their own segment and they show patricia with her cat in her room, and Latacia on her cell... ect. and everyone has their own like minute or 2 intro. This is before that... At the VERY beginning. Everyone's segment during the part I'm talking about is about 10 seconds long for each of them. It's kinda like the hook to get yah intrested in the show. hope this helps.
  2. **SONG TITLE? Please Help!**

    well its goin the whole time during the intro, but it finally breaks out into the good part of the song when they're introducing Patricia.
  3. **SONG TITLE? Please Help!**

    Hey everyone. Just got finished watching True Life: I'm a Clubber and love the song at the very beginning when they're introducing everybody, but I don't know what it's called. I can't find the title anywhere and if anyone knows please help me out. It was also in the Britney: In the zone and out all night special on MTV, for about a whole 3 seconds, when the producers were talking about Avalon. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks