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  1. Junior Vasquez

    my wife and i haven't been to see jr since twilo, but we brought people there who said they didn't like his music, but ended up leaving blown away.
  2. it was a great night.
  3. XM or Sirius

    we got XM for O&A, but the music is good as well, techno on Friday nights, and the advances in portable players is great with XM.
  4. what was the first album you ever bought?

    Kiss- Alive 2 On Vinyl
  5. Pimp n' Ho @ Orleans Arena, Sun 9/3

    we would like to go see jonathan peters, but it seems like pimp n ho is just full of obnoxious guys who are trying to get a little action because the girls are doing the ho thing. is this true or is it a good party?
  6. Lee Burridge @ Spirit, Fri 7/15

    one of the best sets we have ever seen was Lee Burridge at Vinyl, and we weren't even planning on going out.
  7. LA on July 22nd or 23rd

    my birthday weekend as well, which is why we are coming up to LA
  8. LA on July 22nd or 23rd

    My wife and i will be in LA the weekend of July 22nd and 23rd and will be looking for some good techno, house or progressive, any help is great.
  9. Richie F*kKin Hawtin June 3rd @ AVALON

    Richie can mix, you must remember that a lot of the time you are hearing a 909 and he is adding elements to the dj set on the fly.
  10. In My Opinon The Evolution Of House Music

    check out www.nigelrichards.com, he is still doing well
  11. Recent Strip Club Reviews :)

    my wife and i always go to sapphire, they are always friendly there
  12. Perfecta!

    wow very nice
  13. What's wrong with Studio 54?

    my wife and i always have a good time at Drais when we are in vegas. Last time we were there we hit up teatro on a tues and it was fun and lots of cool people, but the music was not as good as Drais or what i remember of it.
  14. Fav Producer/DJ

    i must agree that harry choo choo's record That Beat was phenomenal. i also liked powerplant, john tejada, and unkle for producers. i thought jay tripwire had some great remixes.