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  1. Heather Graham

    why dont they have Ron Jeremy host at Opium or Mansion and bring a bunch of porn stars? that would be a hoot! a nice sleazy event is what the beach needs!!!!!!!!!
  2. Heather Graham

    Heather Graham is a hottie alright, though her acting abilities are less than stellar
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    16bit lolitas trading places (dub)
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    bjork- an echo- chable and gainer mix
  5. Fav. band

    The verve Ride lush the stone roses cocteau twins bauhaus tones on tail echo and the bunnymen love and rockets joy division sisters of mercy Air Portishead slowdive curve The Jesus and Mary Chain Spacemen 3 My bloody valentine sonic youth Spiritualized Ministry Radiohead Death In Vegas (which btw will be producing the new Oasis) The polyphonic spree (most up-lifting and original band ever!)
  6. Congrats to Thomas Penton

    dont forget he was the man behind the Lenny Kravitz remix "are you gonna go my way" Thomas is a good freind nice to finally see locals giving him a little credit. he is one of the originals along with others i.e Stryke, Dj hardware,kelly D) that helped pave the way for uderground music in South Florida
  7. (4/2) Ltj Bukem & Mc Conrad / Progression Session

    great seeing the BEATCAMP collective still throwing great events!
  8. Congrats to Thomas Penton

    get your newbie ass outa here beeeeeyotch!!!!!
  9. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

    yeah, been dying to watch this, same guy that wrote Being John Malkovich, Adaptation
  10. Tonight! Coldharbour Sessions 2004 CD Release Party

    there will be a special surprise guest, from what i understand
  11. How Old...

    try 36!
  12. Who here djs?

    same here Ive gigged a few times back in in the mid to late 90's at Mission (privilege) and a few other spots and screw around with software myself longevity is very hard for dj's,usually things like marriage, kids and getting a real job get in the way though it seems there about ten times as many so called dj's today imo
  13. TUNE'S that still set you the fuck off!!!!!

    Shiloh -will you ever come around- (Infusion vs Gwill Morris) sickening ekectro bass monster that eats you alive and spits you out :screwy: :screwy:
  14. Dawn of the Dead