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  1. What's everyone doing Monday?

    Wet Grooves Pool Party Come Together Pool Party Armin @ Godskitchen
  2. Cool Junkie / BBC Radio 1 Party Tips / Info

    This has to be the most arrogant comment I have ever heard from anybody on this board. On that basis, since I live in London, where radio
  3. Cool Junkie / BBC Radio 1 Party Tips / Info

    This has to be the most arrogant comment I have ever heard from anybody on this board. On that basis, since I live in London, where radio 1 is broadcast from, I should be allowed to step ahead of you in the line. Jesus, do you still expect black people to stand up on the bus to let you sit down??
  4. im attached for you all, caught drinking a red stripe at tunrmills for deep dish in london, come and say hello at nikki beach on the friday.
  5. http://www.southportweekender.co.uk/flyer/extra/wmc.jpg Guy and girls. Pacha and Ministry of Sound residents Kinky Malinki are joining forces with legendary UK festival promoters Come Together for an afternoon of funky house music in the Miami Sunshine at the National Hotel. This party is invite only, but I have a number of guestlist spots available for those of you that want to come down. PM me if you want to add your name to the guestlist. ps Hoxton Whores just added to the lineup, Barbara Tucker pa confirmed
  6. ok, question mainly for the ladies, or for guys that are that way inclined; Which of the three options below are the best choice for guys to wear at the beach? a) Banana Hammock Speedos Baggy board shorts down to the knee c) The square-cut shorts that are still tight fitting but not pornographic Your feedback on this most vital of topics would be appreciated
  7. tip: 4 people that never been to wmc

    For those of you with a ipod; You can download the entire m3 masterlist onto your ipod via their website.
  8. Admitting that drum n bass, house, trance etc are often not the best of bedfellows when it comes to debating what "good music" constitutes, what do people think with be the tune to emerge from the WMC as the sound of the summer? Having the benefit of Radio 1, despite the fact there is still over a week to go, I am going for Cohen vs Deluxe- Just Kick. It was Carl Cox's #1 tune this week, while Jules and Tong seem to have the thing on repeat for their shows. You disagree and say....
  9. Friday afternoon roll call for Nikki Beach

    I sense a competition brewing between us for the best outfit at Nikki Beach. If you can better the hat I have lined up then I will admit defeat gracefully. But I doubt you will....
  10. New Ultra performers

    Yep yep yep, heard them spin at Gatecrasher and they were fabulous. The motorcycle PA was suprisingly good aswell, well worth the visit while at ultra I would say
  11. whats ur schedules look like

    What's the deal with the juicy party?
  12. Since everyone chats all day here about WMC, we should all actually make an effort to spot each other when we actually get there. Who is hitting Nikki Beach Friday afternoon to rendez-vous for THE warmup party??? Declare your allegiance to the sweetest beach party that will ever be! Jules, Tong, Seb, Oakie and Armand van Helden on the beach, the sun the stars, and no entry fee. It doesn't get any better than this.....
  13. London Crew

    The Pacha London crew will be out in force. Peeps arriving on the Friday morning BA flight into Miami, I will be coming in from NYC around 1pm. Got the penthouse at Hotel Ocean, between 13th and 14th on Ocean Drive. Open house for all, see you there, hot tub in the bathroom! Is everyone coming to Nikki Beach on the Friday? It seems it has become the meeting point of choice for the nocturnal generation

    Monday is all about Wet Grooves, Judge Jules, Bad Boy Bill and a few others at a pool party. I hope they provide lifeguards.....
  15. The Official Radio1 Conference warm up

    I think I'm just gonna get there as soon as I can, it's on the beach neways. What time are most people arriving? Most of the NYC flight get in either side of midday, so I'm guessing 3-4pm at the beach???