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  1. Great jog AGAIN DavisG!!!! The party is continuing at Platinum all Summer long. Looking forward to next weekend.
  2. I'll see ya there, Anthony!!! Thursday nights have been more fun than ever!! I haven't gone out all week, so maybe I'll even get my drink on. What do you say, wanna partake in some adult beverages??? Anyway, looking forward to a fun party. Get me ready for Platinum weekend! It's gonna rain all weekend, so we can cuddle together at Platinum alllll weekend. hehe See you Thursday, baby!!!!
  3. I heard Platinum on Tuesday nights has been having some great parties. I'll definately be checking out the next Tuesday party. Gotta visit the bartender Vera. Always a fun time at her bar! Good Luck to all involved. See ya Tuesday.
  4. That corner is dangerous!!!! BugOut, you know who's birthday I'm talking about. HAHA
  5. :-( Man, I miss you guys. We hittin' up that Met game????? As far as any pics of me...hmmmm...I don't know what you're talkin' about. hehe
  6. Well, they got 1 thing right....It wasn't a "DJAIS" party, it was the D.J.'s party. I can speak for the Main Room (because I WAS in there). It was a great party and celebration for DavisG. The number of people in the club were just where they should be for this season. (Actually higher than last May) But to go out of your way to bash a party?????? And bash it with lies......c'mon man. Don't you have laundry to do or something more productive to do???
  7. Well, let's analyze this. 1.You are a D.J. 2.You are special. 3.A guest???? I consider you more like family, but being that you don't sleep or live there, umm..O.K. you are a guest. There you go.....put them all together and there you go. So, does that like make me your like "girlfriend" Y'know...I am a girl, and I'm your friend. heehee Anyway, See you all this weekend at Platinum. Looking forward to another fun time!!!
  8. May 13, 2004 The End of Semester Pajama Jam Come see Platinum as it is transformed into a Giant Bedroom! $$ Cash awarded to the sexiest PJ's Show your college ID and receive 1/2 price admission till 11pm 1/2 price admission for everyone in their PJ's till 12am with special guest DJ MR COOL & DJ MIXXX $3 Coronas till 12 $60 Bottles of MOET ALL NIGHT!!! everyone bartending and partying in jammies, and lots of beds to chill on throughout the club!! Gonna be a HOT night!!!!
  9. Funny thing is Anthony...that looks just like us. heehee
  10. Vera...why are you apologizing??? You and Erin together??? I'd even leave MY bar to see you girls together. HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!
  11. LOL....Oh, it's time, baby. I'll perculate all over you!!!!!
  12. Platinum and Sleep Review

    I'm sure I didn't drink that much, that I was seeing double the amount of people at Platinum that night. Although a later crowd due to the Rutgers Fest, Platinum was just as hot as it always is. BugOut had his usual party happening in the Wave Lounge as did DavisG in the Main Room. I definately miss 2 certain guys (you know who you are ) and I wish them all the luck....I genuinally do, but I can't take away the credit due to other people for making it a great night.
  13. Happy Anniversary Gary...can't wait to party it up with you! Platinum Nightclub Friday, May 14 Special Guest DJ Mike White Wave Lounge DJ Mark Amatucci $2 Bud and Bud Light and $3 Mixed Drinks till 11 PM $2 Shot Specials all night It's gonna be an all night party....after hours to be determined after
  14. Happy Anniversary to DJ DavisG. Friday, May 14......It's gonna be ANOTHER great night at Platinum. Welcome again to Mark Amatucci. He had the Wave Lounge PACKED last week. BugOut we missed you....looking forward to hearing you spin at Platinum again and visiting your booth "hammered". I am looking forward to a very SPECIAL Guest DJ Mike White spinning with DavisG in the Main Room. It's always the best Friday night party. Come up to the VIP area and party with me!!!! Thanks to everyone for making last week another successful night! I had a great time!