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  1. Heading down to miami...

    thanks CJames. What i meant was where the miami population go to club and party. looked up some more sites and looks like it will be nikki beach on a sunday for sure.. then everything else will be a last minute decision. I think we'll even try our luck with the doorguys @ Mynt. lol. We have several clubs up here that have similiar door filtering policies.. we'll see and coltrane, Music is very important for a good night, but i didn't want to have venues not mentioned because the dj didn't play the specific genre of music. good music is important, but it's no use in an empty venue or worse, filled with shady people
  2. Heading down to miami...

    This weekend.. All the way from Toronto, Canada. I was wondering if i can get any suggestions on whats good. My friends an I are 23-24, we are looking to check out CROBAR on saturday, but are pretty much clueless on all the other nights. Music wise, it's not that important, (house, RnB). we work in the nighlife industry up here and want to really catch the essence of miami, and hopefully not just the "tourist" fronts(although we will be chceking those out too.. Just looking to check out where the locals hang out. thanks.! p.s. cool site.!