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    I no my clubbin- thats all ne one gotta no....
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  1. Dj Hitchcock

    "Dj tracks" u aint herd shit un less u been to Don Manuelz in jersey or if uve been at my studio where he mixes his demos so dont talk shit.....and he definitley is as good as i say he is, its people like u who sit there behind a screen wit a name thats start wit "dj" and u swear u spin , dont criticize if u aint in the mix and to all...keep a look out in the music section cuz Hitchcock is blow shit up over der..........
  2. Dj Hitchcock

    I got a Dj that'll rip Jp on one of his good days, he just came from europe to spin in the U.S and he is a resident Dj at a little club in jersey, im tryin to get him a job in a newyork club if any body cud help me out lemme no please cuz hes just too damn good to spin a little club in jersey , i want him to go big so help me out his name is DJ HITCHCOCK in hes definitley in the mix so lemme no!!