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  1. wildest clubs

    thank you for all the input. we will be in Las Vegas April 22nd-24. I just hope we don't get asked to leave d'rais, cause that wher we have decided to get ultra naughty and sexy and party to the max.
  2. wildest clubs

    sounds like d'rais is a must for after hours. and rain before? is d'rais more liberal? still deciding what to pack. whats the rules on complete see thru tops, are pasties required? whats the least we can get away with, and not get asked to leave. we want to be as naughty dressing as we can for 3 nights. thank you
  3. wildest clubs

    3 girls coming to las vegas for the 1st. time soon, to have a great time. would like to know about the clubs. we're ready to let loose and show off. what are the best clubs for wearing overly sexy club clothing, how much can be exposed? are sheer tops allowed? are the after hour clubs better for this? how much can we get away with? help....thank you