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  1. New Beasties Album

    cd's dope for sho.
  2. New Ghost CD...on its way

    what up ppl; i know y'all are ready for the new Ghost CD "Pretty Toney". i've been hearin "tush" wit missy and "run" wit jadakiss and they're hella tight. i saw the video for "run" itz coo. N e way i heard @ my umg internship that the street date is 4/20 so that's only a few days away. chk out ghostface.com for more updates and ish. PEace.
  3. Y'all ready for Pretty Toney

    sup all: so i've been hearing these two ghostface songs "tush" wit missy and "run" wit jadakiss and they're both really tight. i gotta say though, i'm feelin "tush" more. But "run" has a ill video. NE way, my friend @ my umg internship tells me the new CD "pretty toney" drops on April 20th so watch out for it. check out ghostface.com and lemme know what ya think bout the songs. PEACE.
  4. ghostface...."run" to get his album?

    ghost's new album....almost here!! i've been samplin some of da songs off of the wutang site http://www.wutangcorp.com/clan/ghostfacekillah/news/+ghostface+new+album&hl=en&ie=UTF-8 and i think ghosts new album is sick doe. i heard "run" a while back...but i found out through my universal internship that his album should be out sometime in march. r u all feelin it 2?