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  1. ARC official closing dates...

    Uups. I didn't see this thread. Never mind.
  2. Originally posted by DANNY TENAGLIA: Ladies & gentlemen, Especially to my wonderful second family here in NYC and abroad, this is the post we have all been hoping would never become a reality. However, as there have been rumors and speculations for quite some time now, the reality has surfaced that 6 Hubert Street, the building that we have grown to love and cherish as "VINYL, and now ARC" is officially being sold and on it's way into new ventures, and after more than two decades, 6 Hubert Street will no longer be a dance venue As we just celebrated an incredible FIVE YEAR anniversary party, we agreed it would be best to wait until now to make this official closing announcement. The owners of the building deserve an applause for allowing thousand's and thousand's and thousand's of patrons to enter their doors to BE themselves even long before I came on board. There are not many nightclub owner's that will open their door's without a liquor license knowing how much revenue would NOT be made! Yet, they still provided NYC with one of the finest musical dance venue's left since the days of the Paradise Garage, The Loft and the Original Sound Factory, which were also "non alcohol" parties. Undoubtedly, this party will BE my most treasured residency in all of my (almost) THREE decades of being a DJ. Although I was only nominated for a Grammy in 2003 for Depeche Mode's "I feel loved", it was "Winning" an award in 2003 for the BEST PARTY in the US from the DanceStar awards in Miami last March titled: Danny Tenaglia presents Be Yourself Friday's. No other award could even come close to what this means to me as I sincerely and humbly accepted this award on behalf of all of you (the patrons) who have made this Be Yourself party what it still is until this very day, and of course, to our wonderful staff and co-employees as well who also cherish working there and make this party a reality every weekend, including Arc on Saturday's and MADE events. Once again, WE are nominated this year again for the same award for: Best Party in the US! Can you imagine how great this feels to me? Just to be nominated, and three year's in a row now! We did not win the first time, but that was still awesome! Then we won last year and now we are nominated again! I'm not soliciting your votes, I'm sincerely pouring my heart out here with Love and Gratitude! So, as there will obviously be tons of replies to this post, I will continue keep everyone as updated as possible on what will become of "our" BE YOURSELF party. As of right now, there are already some rumors. I will clear them up right here and right now. NO, I dt, am not interested in any offers at this time that have come my way since the closing of Arc word has spread around town. With all due respect to every single club in NYC whether they have called or not, at this time I will not be moving our party to Crobar, Spirit, Deep, Sound Factory, Avalon, Exit, Roxy or any other wonderful club that we have here in NYC. We are having meetings on what our future plans will BE, and as always, www.DTourism.com will be the first place that I announce where we will BE OURSELVES once again! IF you have heard rumors that I am relocating to Miami, well this is partially true. I was born and raised in NYC and will ALWAYS BE a New Yorker. God has blessed me with an opportunity to have the option of commuting back and forth, so yes, I already have a place in Miami that I am time sharing with a friend, and I may one day myself consider buying my own place down there, but I am not rushing into any hasty decisions anytime soon. If I were to permanently relocate to Miami, I would still come to NY at least once a month to do BE YOURSELF party @ _______? Details to follow. As well as with Arc management, keep updated at www.arcspace.net. There are many exciting plans in the works! * * * SO, HERE ARE THE OFFICIAL CLOSING DATES: FRIDAY, APRIL 23rd will be our final BE YOURSELF Friday night closing party. SUNDAY, APRIL 25th, I will have the honors of returning for one last final closing encore performance ever in the venue @ SIX HUBERT STREET! This will BE it! I will play an extended set that will start around 6pm until sometime Monday morning when we all agree it's time to stop, say good-bye, pass around the Kleenex, hug everyone and brightly look forward to the future! Please BE thankful to God above that he has allowed us this very special time together for 5 years now & for everything else he should BE thanked for! It is truly a BLESSING that we are ending this party as such an Incredible Success Story and NOT a party that had to close because it failed in any way, or possibly, for even worse reasons! That alone deserves an applause! :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: My dear friends, this is NOT the end, this is the beginning of something new! I admit that I too am sad about this reality, but I am equally as excited to look forward and embrace "change" with the hopes and prayers that we will BE able to create
  3. For all of you wondering whether ARC was closing or not: Closing of 6 Hubert Street It is with great sadness that we announce that 6 Hubert Street, the address which houses Arc will cease to be a dance club on the last weekend in April, 2004. The building has been sold, and to our knowledge, will become luxury condominiums. As many of you know this building has housed some of the best and most innovative NYC clubs in the last 25 years. For the next two months we will continue to honor the space, and its history in clubbing and the dance music culture, by bringing back some of its legendary parties. Watch this space for updates to these special events, and for details on our closing weekend. We extend our thanks to all of our club-goers that have graced our Friday Be Yourself parties and our Made Saturdays. Arc has always been about two things equally; the music and the people. And our driving force has been to keep the integrity of underground clubbing alive in New York City. Rest assured that we will keep the parties coming. . . we, in fact, are very excited about the opportunity that this change has brought about, as we are currently working on the next incarnation of Arc that will take undergound clubbing to the next level! Stay tuned for updates.
  4. PVD @ Roxy Feb. 27th

    It'll be fun. I haven't seen him in like 3 years. Last time was in Berlin, Germany.
  5. PVD @ Roxy Feb. 27th

    No worry. Have a great time. I know I will.
  6. PVD @ Roxy Feb. 27th

    Dude, you can still get advanced tickets at www.ticketweb.com $35
  7. Cliques......

    More power to u! Gotta support the group.
  8. Cliques......

    Oh come on, give me a break. I am not worried about guys, they don't give a shit anyway. It's the girls that are total bitches. All I know is when I go to a club, I'M HAPPY, I'M into the good music and usually fucked up and the last thing I want to worry about is jealous bitches that can't tame their bf's.
  9. Cliques......

    Well that's great that you are the leader of the group, how about keeping your group in line!?
  10. PVD @ Roxy Feb. 27th

    Do you mean extra ones?
  11. Cliques......

    I mean, I see groups of friends hangin out together, but that's it...that's normal though. I agree with that BUT there is a group at ARC for example, they always take up the whole dance floor right by the DJ booth, ALWAYS, the same people. And don't you try to even get close to the DJ booth and you will get some evil looks or they will pump in to you on purpose. The GIRLS especially. I don't know I am sure you all have experienced certain girls just checking you out from head to toe and then they start talking and giggling. And if you are good looking on top of that then you better stay far away from the guys they hang out with, especially on the dance floor. I have had guys hitting on me that were at the club with their gf and in the end those girls came up to ME telling me to stay away from their bf. This happened to me at ARC and everytime I go to ARC now these girls recognize me and stare at me, it's almost like eyes are following you all night. It just gets on my nerves, and like I said it's always the same freaking group.
  12. Steve Lawler

    Anyone know if he is coming to NYC in the near future?
  13. Cliques......

    so what's up with every club having certain cliques that think they own the place and everybody else is a loser? I just experienced this shit at ARC the other night. I mean come on people, just because you go to the same freaking club every weekend doesn't mean that you own the place.
  14. PVD @ Roxy Feb. 27th

    Yeah, I have seen him at the D.C. Armery! It was nuts. I used to see him all the time at the Casino when I lived in Berlin. So now I get so excited when he comes to this area.
  15. He will rock the show. Anybody going?