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    love the beach, shopping, live chathosting on ifriends
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    computers, chathosting on my live webcam, taking care of animals
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  1. Are breast implants ok on...

    I think what "phuturephunk" said was not only well spoken but also alot more reasonable than some of the ugly evil things some of the "others" have said... I don`t have implants ,but if I ever had cancer or something I might consider getting surgery to even them out (hope that never happens to me or anyone else), but I think many of you on here are very judgemental.I have 34DD`s and they are all natural and if they were smaller I would be just as content with them,but for those girls who choose to get implants ,I wish them the best of luck,since I have heard some stories about the complications that have after surgery.Oh and just to let you misinformed people know ,I have been monogamously with the same guy for over 10 years and I think it is sad to hear some people judge a girl`s personality and IQ by the size of her breasts.It seems too many people have lost thier sensitivity to the feelings of others,come on "lighten up"......doesn`t anyone remember to "live and let live" anymore? Lol ,that IQ comment just goes to show how ignorant some people really are,that is like me saying just because my boyfriend has a great looking face ,nice body ,and a big dick that he has to have a low IQ,well he doen`t he is very intelligent and he is sensitive too : ).Next time you grim people post "think". Also if u don`t like your breasts or the size of them try to find something are you are comfortable with like your legs or something,don`t be afriad to wear mini skirts and a smile ,and take care of yourselves and the people who you care about. :)
  2. Ass or Tits?

    well,if you "breastmen" want to see some natural tits ,here`s a pic of mine.. And if you`d like to chat with with me in my live chatroom here`s a link... http://fanclubs.ifriends.net/Stars/big_tit_blonde you will find me in there 5-6 nights a week from around 8pm-4am pacific time,and if you want to watch me play with them ,join then you can watch me on my live cam otherwise all you`ll be able to do is chat and listin in. I hope to hear from a few of you .
  3. Eva by guitar

    As you can see, that is my boyfriends guitar in the background. I'm wearing a cute leapord mini and red top.
  4. first webcam pic

    Here's an older pic I did last year on my webcam. It was my first webcam.
  5. trueblonde webcam pic

    another webcam pic of me
  6. trueblonde - b&w

    anotehr pic from my webcam
  7. Like busty blondes pics?

    wow, i'm quite suprised at the contrast of responses i got from this board. Some of these posts are from people that sound like they should seek out some professional help Can't a Woman post some pics of herself without rude comments anymore? Where's some common respect? I didn't come on here to disrespect you, so I wouldn't expect back that kind of behaviour from anyone else. On the contrary, thank you to everyone that had something nice to say ( thanks, coppertree10 ). I do appreciate that Yes, I am a real person. A very easy to get along with person at that. Visit me if you would like. If your the type of person that has to exhibit rudeness to make yourself feel like a man, you are not welcome into my chat. I cannot stand rude people, thanks. The link below is a link into my live chat and I am on late nights. If you want to say hi, your more than welcome As far as this board goes, I think this will be my last post. The violent comments kind of creep me out. I was under the impression this board was for 18 yrs and up Eva ( trueblonde ) http://www.trueblonde.tv
  8. Like busty blondes pics?

    are you referring to me as a vampire? I wasn't sure what you meant by that. Eva http://www.trueblonde.tv
  9. Like busty blondes pics?

    Here's a pic of me wearing a red bra. Hope you like. Eva ( trueblonde.tv )
  10. Like busty blondes pics?

    Here's a pic of me wearing a red bra.
  11. Like busty blondes pics?

    I thouht I would post a few pics of me up here to see what you guys think, or am i supposed to post them up in the sexy pics area? Oh well, if you like them, I have more I can post Eva ( trueblonde )