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  1. You little hypocrit prick. Always talking down to people doing drugs and partying and now you want to post up this shit about a gay black club that opened when you were a sperm in your fathers sack and idiloze it's junkie Dj and drug infested atmosphere. Your so incredibly sickening there are no words to describe it.
  2. What it means to be Silverbull

    "also its funny how w/ gabe hes got his face in his avatar, but yet the many many many times we've chilled ive never seen anyone come up to him and disrespect him. either no one has the balls to say shit cuz their just a bunch of pussies or they are two faced pricks and rather give false praise rather than be a man and say "i think your a dick on that message board" and spit in his face". Yeah- everyones scared of silverbull. He looks menacing in his avatar. When and if I run into him - he will be utterly disrespected, bank on that.
  3. Holding or containing nothing. Mathematics. Having no elements or members; null: an empty set. Having no occupants or inhabitants; vacant: an empty chair; empty desert. Lacking force or power: an empty threat. Lacking purpose or substance; meaningless: an empty life. Not put to use; idle: empty hours. Needing nourishment; hungry: “More fierce and more inexorable far/Than empty tigers or the roaring sea†(Shakespeare). Devoid; destitute: empty of pity.
  4. He wont tell you- thats how he makes himself important and feels like he is better than you because he knows and it's hush hush and the rest of the board isn't allowed to know - only Silverbull is. It's such a huge secret but yet silverbull gets to know it and dangle it in front of you. Does anyone really care. He needs this because he is so ordinary and unimportant to feel better about his horrific existance. Silverbull drop a bomb , get some tina and dont stop until your dead. Please i beg you to do this.
  5. I haven't been in here in a long time - it's nice to come back and see the laughing stock of the club landscape is still around. Silverbull!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!. Still serious with that avatar i see - wow- your not embarrassed that you look like that? I always get a good laugh first at your avatar - second with anything you say - and finally with your grammar. One word sums you up in all areas - WEAK (and thats being kind)
  6. lolol New Years Resolutions Freaks lolol

    I hope to be just like silverbull. I want to not drink or take any drugs and be able to dance better than everyone else at clubplanet and then when i come home from being out 24 hours straight and being totally sober i want to come on this messageboard and berate everyone who does drink and do drugs and proclaim how much better i am than they are. I would also like to get a silverbull mask and wear that same outfit you have on in that ridiculous avatar i just don't know if can ever walk around looking that ridiculous even as a joke for a second of my life. I'll need some help with feeling as insecure as you are so maybe you can drop me aline and tell me how it feels to be small and insignificant. Thats my new years resolution.
  7. Shut up and go sit in the corner little boy.
  8. MASTERS AT WORK party on DEC 23rd

    And of course you being the BIG WHO. You will be there. Your still my hero though- no drugs , stay up for 24 hours and dance <sigh> , my hero. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that your pic in the avatar? Lord i hope not.
  9. [email protected] last night

    Again - your my fucking hero. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. SEE this is what makes you my hero, how you can talk down to everyone just like you did in that first paragraph. Again is that you in the avatar- you can't be serious if it is.
  10. I havent been to crobar yet on saturday night with boris there. How is it - say compared to spirit? I hear the crowd is older is this true?
  11. Classics Review!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just want to say - silverbull is my hero once again. No drugs , no juice, the best dancer- and you can type and spell so wonderfully Is that your picture in your avatar?
  12. Clubs on L.I.

    I work for the company that does security at ice. It's been so so. The hip hop sets are too long and the house ones are too short. Too much hip hop will ruin most peoples night- 5 minutes of it and i become homicidal.
  13. Last 2 minutes was insane (someone else mentioned it) , good beats throughout though. Thanks.
  14. Silverbull- your a joke and a bad one at that.

    Your awesome- you don't do drugs