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  1. I was at Space and I heard this track. I heard this track a couple times before also. They thing I remember about the track was that there a guy saying "This is not a concert y' all this is a party.... The roof... the roof... the roof is no fire". Then the track kicks in hard. Any one have an idea? Thanks in advance.
  2. I was watching A3 in Miami the other night and a metro PCs Commercial came on. I was wondering if any body knew that track that was played on the commercial.
  3. Need help.

    Turns out that this track samples Nina Simone's "Feeling Good". Any body got any clue.
  4. Need help.

    I was watching the Soprano's last night I saw the commercial for 6 feet underwhich had this old blues song in the back ground. The song was subng by a woman who would sing the lien "...you know how I feel..." I heard a really cool track sample this song. I heard Roland and Oscar G spin it at Space. Any one got any idea which one this is? Thanx
  5. Latin Themed Track ID

    I donwloaded Lee Cabrera - Shake It, and it was the song I had in mind, but it was very similar. Thanks for the suggetion any way. I was wondering if there were any more tracks like that released just this past year that you guys might now of. I'll find it sooner or later. Cheers
  6. Latin Themed Track ID

    This past sumer I heard a tribal house track spun by Oscar G and Roland. The track has a great latin, salsa feel to it. There is agirl and she speaks in spanish (w/ a cuban acent), she basicaly says, I think "No te olbedese, yo soy tu amiga." Do't forget I'm your friend." The track had this really cool phone ringing loop, or something that sounded like a phone ringing The track also had this killer latin paino going on in the back ground. Any one have an idea?
  7. Track Id

    Hey I'm new here, and I was wondering if you could help me find a track I heard all summer, played by Roland, Bad Boy Bill, and Tracey Young. The track has some really cool sounding tribal chanting then kicks into a really killer bass line. The song reminds me of Deep Forest if they did house. Anyone got any clues. Some one did suggest Dj Gregory- Soundclash, but it ain't it.