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  1. reg. friends/ club friends

    Seems like a common theme here. None of my friends would consider going to a club and then if they did would just be on a mission to try to pick up on chicks. Then get pissed b/c no one is giving them the time of day. Has anyone that has been posting on this topic met out with people from this message board?
  2. AVB @ The Roxy Review

    Yeah I was mostly dancing by the left side of the stage. It was so hectic, I only caught one second wind that night and ran out of gas around 4 and then decided to break out. Well if something come up in the near future maybe we can all meet up before hand and get our drink on:cool: later Rob
  3. AVB @ The Roxy Review

    Hey Man Thanks for meeting up w/ me and hooking up that ticket. It was good meeting some CP people for the first time as well. Luv the pants Kimee! later Z