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  1. http://www.wantickets.com/affiliates/events.asp?id=270
  2. http://www.wantickets.com/wmc/events.asp
  3. MAIN LEVEL: Markus Schulz Second Sun (Live) Sander van Doorn LOWER LEVEL: AlterImage (Dusk Recordings) DeepSpell (www.DeepSpell.com) Andrew Vogt (BK Tuning) Rebecca Sin (Wantickets, Funkyteknotribe) Maron Sharabi (Dirty Rhythms) Click here to purchase advance tickets.
  4. Tickets on sale now: Wantickets.com
  5. it's up to each promoter how many tickets they will sell, not us.
  6. http://www.wantickets.com/crobar/miami/events.asp
  7. tickets for steve lawler @ space 3/23 on sale now http://www.wantickets.com/?req=event&e_id=16552
  8. we will be selling tickets for both venues. events will be posted some time soon.
  9. Full event listings: http://www.wantickets.com/newsletter/wmc%202006.htm Promoters: With WMC 2006 quickly approaching, we wanted to send you an invitation to use WANTICKETS.COM for a free listing of your event. WANTICKETS.COM is a year-round ticketing service and we would like to offer you a premium account for FREE which you can also use throughout the year for the rest of your events! Get your events and name in front of the people that count…ticket buyers! Our exposure, circulation, client list and marketing power FAR EXCEEDS the competition. Currently Wantickets.com and our affiliated sites (NewYears.com, ClubPlanet.com, CoolJunkie.com & NocheLatino.com) get over 300 million hits a day!!!!! This is YOUR market, and YOUR demographic, access to THE ticket buyers going to the hottest nightclubs and events ACROSS the country…. Your listings on Wantickets.com are always free, YOU KEEP 100% of YOUR MONEY! We do NOT charge a commission, fee or service charge to you and our traffic is insane. From now until WMC your events will be seen by millions of ticket buyers! We have several marketing packages available on every one of our sites. Including, email blasts, banners, towers, special features, stickies & pop ups…you name it. Our business is ticket sales and we have the experience and team to take your event to the max. Click here to register: www.wantickets.com/function/promoter/promoter_register_form.asp If you have any questions I can be reached at 818-908-2243 ext 112.
  10. http://www.globalgatheringfestival.com/travelinfo.aspx
  11. SHINE @ The Shelborne (WMC line-up)

    i just spoke to the promoter and they will not be offering any discounts to hotel guests.
  12. SHINE @ The Shelborne (WMC line-up)

  13. OM Records WMC 2006

  14. Tiesto @ WMC??