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  1. There's actually a dance floor in front of the stage during DJ nights. Did it for D:Fuse and it worked out great.
  2. The last time Porter played Sully it was NUTS!!
  3. should be a pretty cool gig. I'll stop in.
  4. Festivus @ Central Park, Sat 7/14

    This is at the Great Hill up by 106th, NOT at summer stage. This is a much more open and secluded spot. Very unique for an EDM party, IMO.
  5. See that flawless at the bottom of the flyer? if you haven't bought your tix yet, Fri is now sold out! Thursday will be soon.
  6. He's bleen playing harder, but with a more diverse style than before. No just soaring vocals here. Saw the plans for the show, OMG. This is like that Daft Punk show from Coachella. Massive amounds of custom video, lasers, and effect incorporated into the show. This is going to be WELL worth the money, w/ even more special guestz still unannounced.
  7. Dude, I've always thought Blue Man Group would be great in a Dance Music Setting. They use a KLF song in their act anyway. Nice.
  8. Love that soundsystem!
  9. Thanx Gio. Last week was fun. Really looking forward to this week!
  10. NICE! This is going to be MASSIVE.
  11. Chus & Ceballos sat...any1 going?

    DAMN!! Now that was a great set. At NO point did they let up or let it get boring. Those Spanish guys know what they're doing.
  12. Loco at sully

    I had an amazing time! Stadenco and Dice played some great records, and the crowd was feeling it. extra sound just for this party, some hot girls, and a bunch of big name DJs in the house checking out the Loco Dice sound. Thanx Made & Sullivan Room! Hoper there are many more teamups like this ahead!
  13. The Situation with PACHA tonight .....

    What happened? Fill us all in, please! Good luck, tho!