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  1. Scot Project @ Webster Hall, Fri 3/30

    any word on when this has been postponed to?
  2. JP @ Copa Reviewww

    where are all the reviews?? start typin
  3. Is Avalon Closing?!?!

    is it still gonna be open for scot projecT?
  4. soooooooooo i went to WH on saturday...

    hahhahhaa soooo true
  5. Who's down for Cosmic Gate tonight?

    im down.. see u there
  6. Cosmic Gate this week!!!!!!!!!

    thx nurse glow.. are u gonna be there?
  7. Reborn Webster Hall's April Line UP!!!

    u just need to get me in... but are they strict with iD cuz i have one but its not me
  8. Cosmic Gate this week!!!!!!!!!

    i cant wait to go see cosmic gate, but i think webster hall is 19 to get in, do u think i can get in being only 18? or do u know if they are strict with ID?
  9. Ladies Night Out @ Webster Hall NYC

    is it 19 to get in ?
  10. Reborn Webster Hall's April Line UP!!!

    a little off subject.. but is webster hall really 19 to get in? cuz im only 18 and i reallllly neeed to go to see cosmic gate... if it is 19, are they strict with id there?
  11. Cosmic Gate this week!!!!!!!!!

    I Cant Wait!!
  12. Spirit Friday 3/25

    im so pissed.... nobody wants to go out!!!!
  13. Spirit Friday 3/25

    thx... see u there
  14. Spirit Friday 3/25

    Is spirit 18+ tonight???
  15. TIX: Tenaglia vs. Howells @ Roxy, Fri 9/17

    househead what is that song in your signature