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  1. Interesting show to say the least.
  2. 'Spirit' last night...

    Hello, Just wanted to drop a quick thank you to all those who came to Spirit last night. Spirit is still a work in progress. As each week passes, Spirit will continue to improve as well as adapt to help find itself a place in NYC. Announcements will be made shortly about future lineups as well as the start of other nights/event at the venue. We can only promise to evolve in forward fashion and to do our best to provide a safe and great time during all events at Spirit. Again, Twilo is a special place for many, however Spirit is not Twilo, nor would we ever claim to be. Some pictures of last night:
  3. 'Spirit' last night...

  4. Twilo Re-opens Tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please refrain naming Spirit as 'Twilo'. Same location, two completely different venue's. Twilo is a legend, it always will be. If you're going to promote, do it responsibly.
  5. Spirit question, please help.

    Also, Lighting has been enhanced from its original motif. As far as the sound, like Andy said, a couple of new stacks... enough to cause tremors on the sidewalk outside of Spirit.