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  1. Go to Guesthouse. They have house music on Sat. night. Its not such a big place, but you can def. do bottle service there.
  2. Toronto Boat Rave Tickets

    Hi , this is my first time there coming for Labor day w/end don't really know where to go? someone suggested White party? Is that the same as the Labor of LUv? If you guys dont mind, i would like to meet up with you
  3. can't wait 'till saturday - will be my 3rd time! what time is the meet up and where? name tags?
  4. Ferry Corsten Reviews?!?

    very strange.....
  5. Armada Amnesia - Ibiza 2005

    on the last night - closing party guestlist???!!!?
  6. place was packed - couldn't move; there was a group next to us who took turns barfing! music was good, drinks expensive and weak; mostly shirtless juice heads and barely dressed dudettes with fake boobs and fake eyelashes Saturday night went to Cain @ the Cabana (nice place - pretentious crowd); Tavern (couldn't stand it for more than 15 min - place was packed coudn't move); ended up in Jet East (hip hop music, decent crowd ). Friday night @ Star Room (overrated), old hip hop downstairs; and reggae upstairs, nice area outside to chill Sun - EM @ CPI - great music - danced all night, wasn't as packed as I 've seen it before, actually was able to dance on the dance floor; crowd similar to Neptune's for the most part
  7. Ibiza 2005 - Roll Call

    Only going for 3 days Last time was there in 2001 - did it change much? What should I NOT miss this time?
  8. Hamptons July 4th!

    thanks a lot LMG!
  9. Hamptons July 4th!

    lol I'm always here - mostly being a silent observer
  10. Hamptons July 4th!

    would you also be able to tell me about the nightlife? haven't been to the hamptons for several years. What are the best places to go to at night, given the fact that I am going there this coming w/end? Any info is greatly appreciated!