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  1. Techno in DC?

    go to http://sorsoclub.com and email roosh - tell him kelly sent you. he knows the dc techno scene.
  2. 03.05 Fri rajdeep @ Toka Lounge - FREE Drink Offer

    So this is every Friday??? You know - I have not been to Toka yet ... I need to stop by! ______________________ Kelly Ann Collins @ http://kellyanncollins.com
  3. Dragon Fly Vs. Ozio

    Dragonfly!!! ______________________ Kelly Ann Collins http://kellyanncollins.com
  4. Pouty potty pic

    VIDA, Washington, D.C.: It was late, the women's bathroom was full. What can I say? I improvised! SEE MORE PICTURES AT: http://www.kellyanncollins.com
  5. Hey CPDC!! Don't miss the hottest 80s party happening at SPANK / 1223 this Saturday, February 21! It's gonna be major, so like crimp your hair and make like Cyndi Lauper as totally cool-o-rama 80s music fills the hall! Get out those Member's Only jackets, torn workout tops, leg warmers and neon bracelets cause we are gonna party like our jelly shoes are comfortable! Word-up! Breakdance, slamdance, flashdance - it's all encouraged! We're gonna take it to the max! So don't like be totally bogus and gag me with a spoon ... come on out and do some risky business! It's gonna be f'n A! Like, ya kno??? Tubular. More info: http://kellyanncollins.com/calendar.htm Want on the list? Email me before 11 a.m. Saturday
  6. Friday the 13th... ElectroTease . Fischerspooner a

    ha - okay. maybe - maybe not! what sorrows? my goodness - how could a 21k+ type and clickorama, like you, be sorrowful? you may not realize this, but i am a first class attentionwhore on another board, otherwise known as fc. and a major fan of posting on my own website! ack! but here, i am merely a peon, basking in the glow of your warm postwhore presence. -infusion
  7. Dragon Fly?

    Yes -- I missed last week, but was there for the two before that, and will be there this week. I usually meet my friends there around 9, we drink and eat sushi for a while downstairs, then we go upstairs for the honey-flavored shindig! i have lots of pics on my site @ http://kellyanncollins.com
  8. Friday the 13th... ElectroTease . Fischerspooner a

    yes - c'est moi! i was invited to a valentine's day lingerie party that i am going to earlier in the evening thought i would fit right in at electrotease! do i know you? vic? i am not a promoter or anything, just a social butterfly. your name sounds familiar, tho. do you go out much in dc?
  9. Dragon Fly?

    I like Dragonfly. Thursdays are the best!
  10. Friday the 13th... ElectroTease . Fischerspooner a

    well ... i intend on joining the freaks this friday! -infusion, official superfreak!
  11. Friday the 13th... ElectroTease . Fischerspooner a

    Will be there in my pink fetish gear!
  12. Voodoo Dolls & Valentines

    Forget the voodoo. I will be out in full-force this weekend, healing wounds, at several bloody Valentine's bashes. Just call me Nurse Infusion. I will be the one in the pink latex nurse's uniform, ready to heal all wounds with a big syringe and a shot my soecial infusion of love meds. Any lovesick takers? P.S. Jimmy Luxury is my hero. If I did not have to be out, curing the terminally ill, I would be at his party - go out and support him!
  13. Voodoo Dolls & Valentines

    You are absolutely correct!! In fact, never heard of them! I am infusion of the fc variety.
  14. i found someone on this board . . .

    oh good .. i am not asian. thought it was me for a second there - but then again .. i am just a little newbie!
  15. Voodoo Dolls & Valentines

    Lovely. Happy freakin' Valentine's Day. I would like to stick a big huge pin right in a big huge asshole. I do not think you have a voodoo doll big enough for the guy I'd like to stick!