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  1. Juicy Beach @ Niki Beach 03/27/08

    i, with the hook ups and all .. had an overall "ok" time at the party ... mark knight did the best while starkillers did a horrendous set (with the word horrendous being an understatement) .. im glad the juiciy family made this event possible but they could definitely make some improvements .. i was also kinda lost when i got there and saw the schedule of the night time events being split up between the upstairs and downstairs but i also realized that with a lineup of 20 something djs at a place like nikki beach something needed to happen in order to be able to accommodate all artists .. and yeah, i saw a bouncer holding the velvet rope for the stairs that would lead you up to the second floor, that usually means you need some kind of vip wrist band or something "special" for you to be able to go up .... THIS also meaning that your regular general admission ticket wouldn't not grant you that kind of access .. most big events usually have general and vip areas, i suggest that for next time; you take your time you do extra research to see what is it that you are actually getting by buying that $68 ticket ... and to just hope for the best sorry if any of you had a bad experience but sadly, NONE of these WMC events at any venue are 100% perfect a 3/5 for me 'till next time
  2. best of luck with the project!
  3. Commentary on the Mckinnie Fight at space

    excellent review ! you must be an awsome guy to hang out with !
  4. SOTU Birthday Bash 2008

    big brother at blue, should be a fun night ;-)
  5. Mansion - crock of shite

    sorry for your bad experience but T is right, you cant judge an entire city by only one night .. as for myself, been to Mansion plenty of times and never had a problem before ... give Miami another chance !
  6. Danny Tenaglia @ Gryphon 1.12

    the only washed up thing here is the same people complaining about this and that dj ... that our scene is dead, that miami sucks, that ibiza is better . blah blah blah .. don't like it here ? get the hell away from Miami ! i cant even express in words what Danny Tenaglia means for all of us djs and producers trying to make a difference out there .. washed up ? why dont you start your own movement, club, music genre, message board and see if its any easy to do a "decent" job out there ... leaving aside the BS .. .. i'm looking forward to this
  7. Oscar G Destroyed The Gryphon Dancefloor Last Night

    ha! that was ... for lack of words .. one hell of a party ..
  8. happy birthday to my good friend DJ Roland!

    happy birthday :-)
  9. i feel like i need a red-snapper shot
  10. nice idea ... wheres is this from .. dj-rc's place ?
  11. #4 - PS14 after hours claim... Another illegal party??

    i have a jar in the kitchen that says "cookies"
  12. for how long is this going?
  13. video game awards 2007 (spike tv)

    best video game of the year "bioshock" ? yaaaaaaaaaaaa right ... do they even give awards to PC games ? and the humor during the show ! omg ! hilarious ! :rolleyes: a tv channel like g4 should have an awards show .. not spike tv ?? is like having mtv doing sportscenter what a sorry ass show .. lol
  14. happy b*day Ramon

    happy birthday ;-)