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  1. tried 2c-b for the first time...

    2c-b is something called a research chemical (RC). there are a whole class of "2c"s. 2c- "a" thru "e", plus 'i".
  2. Double Stack E's

    The best way to get the most out of your pill is definately plugging (stickin em up ur ass). proof? experience for those even more curious, the correct and easiest way to do it would be with a condom over your finger, 2 knuckles in. do not use petroleum jelly or other lubes like it, as it would coat the pill and make it harder for your arse to intake. and your those even more curious about the magic of ecstasy and/or other drugs, as stated in the sticky. bluelight.nu is a great source for substance abuse/harm reduction and has heaps of info. forgot to add, plz do a search on bluelight.nu as most questions have already been answered.