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  1. art vs. mutilation

    How wrong. What a fucknut.
  2. swiss ball pushups???

    Where can i obtain one of these swiss balls? I need my abs back! K.
  3. U.N.K.L.E (LIVE) @ Revolution!

    oh wait.. is this the old edge location, and a slew of other places that have tried to make this into a 'superclub'? This location never seems to pick up. Hopefully with some talent it will... K.
  4. Miami????

    Taco Bell. And Key west.
  5. Massive sound system @ Revolution Nightclub - Fort Lauderdale

    S L A Y E R !!!! ...Thought i would never hear that on CP, lol. One metal show that I'll still go to.
  6. crystal dick?

    Can we all say "crackheads"?
  7. U.N.K.L.E (LIVE) @ Revolution!

    I have the flyer for this, where exactly is this place? (not from lauderdale obviously) and is this place a shithole? K.
  8. Delux review

    Is matt spector still spinnin thier?
  9. Terrorist Group In Iraq Hails Allegience To Bin Laden

    Now this doesnt surprise me.
  10. Delux review

    This is most likely one of the better (maybe best) clubs/lounges in Palm Bch county...no doubt.
  11. Ephedra...

    OU.. It all boils down to the same thing basically.. Giving a person that extra boost at times. Its crazy tho- I remember seeing prices for the original Ripped Fuel for almost $500 a bottle on the net! right b4 it went off the market.
  12. Ephedra...

    AMBS.. they do give u the jitters, especially on an empty stomach. I've too it once at a club and gave me that boost but i just crashed afterwards several hours later.. was really tired. They really warp your energy levels down too... You guys should try Guarana. Herb like ephedra. It is in several energy drinks like Bawls (www.bawls.com) or Monster .. get the sugar free ones, they taste better for me atleast...
  13. Need some new tunes...

    Will do. Thanks!
  14. Need some new tunes...

    You guys are getting all technical now with the genres. But house music overall.. Shit- even rock, hip hop...whatever.. i need some new tunes!
  15. Ephedra...

    I obtained some right before they went off the market. But I'm runnning low on my supply.. Anyone know of a place (Canada maybe?) that people can still order them? Or even a better, legal alternative? Thanks.