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  1. Happy 18th Birthday Jenbabe

    happpppy birthday jennn!! to bad i only saw u last sunday for like 5mins, busy runnin arounnnnnddd
  2. the party is still on @ the copa
  3. i was asking my self the same question when i read that
  4. whats this song...?

    is it "petey pablo - raise up"?
  5. Song id help

    i dunno if its old or new, i have no clue wut its called, pretty much its the drum beat from "loose my breath" added with the bass from "nina sky -turning me on" the chorus from oye mi canto, and a guy through out the song, only words i can make out was "shake that culo move the body" over n over, something like that. anyone know wut this track is called?
  6. new nina sky reggaeton

    tony touch nina sky, any one hear it? or know wut its called?
  7. Track ID help

    Reggae track, i think its new. it sounds like shaggy but im not sure. the beat has that synthesizer sound, that lil jon uses in his tracks. the only words i could make out was... "bite your lips girl and roll up your eyes"...
  8. Track ID

    thanks hun
  9. Track ID

    heard it on ktu (saturday night) around 1055, female vocal "so many times, so many times ive fallen inlove with you" and repeats through out the song, had a latin house feel
  10. Phobik - help

    lol dale, dale don dale, i like that song too hun...lol but he also came out with a song called "dile" therese a part that goes 'otra, otra, noche, otra'...pretty close to "oh-tay....oh-tay..oh-tay..oh-tah"
  11. Phobik - help

    if its not that one...try Dile - DOn Omar
  12. Phobik - help

    Pabre Diabla - Don Omar i think this is the song your talking about
  13. websterhall 9.4 track id

    moody played this song that sounded like "fc nond - drum key" same elements.... but this song had diva type vocals in it. does anyone know what im talking about?
  14. websterhall 9.4 track id

    i heard this...tribal song.... it had the elements n almost sounded like "fc nond - drum key" with the drums then the synth but this had like diva type vocals.... does anyone know wut song this is?