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  1. Hey Guys!!!

    work was kickign my ass that day... much like its kicking my ass today i just tried and yes, i can.
  2. Hey Guys!!!

    omg! hating life today. why did it get so dead around here? :'(
  3. Hey Guys!!!

    HEY! first slow day in 6 months! whats up guyssss
  4. all of them twice actually. jel?
  5. Happy Birthday Cookie!!!

    happy belated bday cookie
  6. those kids are little albanians from yonkers
  7. Banned from NCC

    haha wow i come back to c whats up and this post is on top. hey guys hii ambular!
  8. Hey Guys!!!

    note to self - turn off all images hi guys <3 i've miss u all! i miss the chat LoL byrd - i do have pics, but i dont have time to whore them out... maybe when i get home from work LOL jk, gotta go luvs -xox
  9. Hey Guys!!!

    MLK def - ghandi was waaay too passive.... but then again its always the quiet ones you have to worry about right? hmm i may have to rethink my answer heyy!!!
  10. Hey Guys!!!

    i was gonna say my boobs but then theyre a waste so my pinky toe
  11. Hey Guys!!!

  12. Clothes

    ok i googled all of the lines you listed, only technodolly came up and cyberdog as well but i dont have flash on this computer you should try Bang Bang
  13. Clothes

    ive never even heard of any of those lines...
  14. Hey Guys!!!

    whats up? ive missed u all, i got a new jobby job and i didnt have a lot of time for internet perusing but its friday and rather slow so i figured id stop in and say helloo:bootysha:
  15. pout pic gone bad