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  1. Anyone from NY area going to Amsterdam for the Sensation White party this year?
  2. i be in the basement hopefully by 10 am to support my boy down there
  3. how was robbie rivera?

    im guessing you weren't around in the scene back 5 or 6 years ago.
  4. Morrillo Killed It

    so true:clap2:
  5. Morrillo Killed It

    i wish i had ur problem, my nights usually end up a grand or more down the drain.....especially when Carmine tags along with me
  6. My Thoughts On Miss Usa

    Aren't u one of the kids who goes to DNA every weekend? What the hell do u know.
  7. I'm definetly making my way out for this one John Creamer & Stephane K hopefully they play most of their old stuff
  8. Limelight now a H&M???

    "Club Kids" wow i wonders if any of them are still alive lol but yea i agree, pretty soon NYC wont have any entertainment venues at all the way shit is going now
  9. Here's a clip of the track. Can anyone id the the vocal? Thanks in advance http://www.engineeredidentity.com/id/need id.mp3
  10. Music Forum: December Jams

    first hand i think most electro releases overall suck....they sounds more like a keyboard being banged against a wall also it feels like the NEWBIES in the scene today promote electro over anything else.
  11. i dont think his recent production has been that good.
  12. U can tell this kid is a newbie.