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  1. Crystal Meth?!?!?

    Erm ... the drugs help tho ...
  2. Nick names for crystal meth.

    I'm not saying all these terms are used correctly but heres what I've heard it been called .. crystal meth, crystal, meth, ice, shabu, tina, glass, crank, crys, go, ummmmmmmmmmm....
  3. Everything you need to know about E

    Blotchy brain scans of E users have become the ace card in public information campaigns. But not long after these blotchy brain scan images were release as scare tatics, the results were found to be based on experiments so fundamentally flawed that it actually risks underminding the credability of attempts to educate people about the risks of drugs. And this very fact that they still go forth using results from a flawed experiment is really more a matter of politics rather than science!
  4. Who Else Is?

    Well I was actually thank you for asking I think I might go have some now:eek:
  5. best way to take e?

    Why not filter it free of the chalk, etc and stick the pill in your veins. A perfect solution for the people of today, some who, when waiting for the effect of a drug to come on, have the attention span of gnats working themselves into a state and ruining not just their night with their whinging about a dud pill, but every one else who has to listen ... Ahh! I am just havin a bitch. I'm not usually effected by thoes who complain their drugs dont work, but the naff queens whinging last night got the better of me. Maybe its time for my monthly comedown weekend and I should retreat into hibernation ...
  6. Withdrawl

    Drug Abuse Withdrawal Symptoms is a term that, these days, actually describes a lot of the negative side effects of stopping drugs. More than just the commonly portrayed cravings that a reforming drug abuser usually cops! The s*****ty and duration of withdrawal for a lot of people is proportional to how long and how frequently they actually have been using the drug. In a lot of cases, the longer and more dependant you are on a drug, the longer the withdrawal symptoms usually last. Its not just limited to that. How much internal damage has been done, the persons mental integrity are all other (more minor) factors of the duration of rehabilitation. I used to be a meth addict. I used probably $200 per day. I had worked my way up to that figure over probably two and a half years of tweaking, partying hard and experimentation of my youth. When I stopped using full time like that (I probably use it once a twice a month now) the really bad withdrawals lasted probably three weeks and gradually got better over a period of about 5 to 6 months. I remember times probably a week after I had stopped, I couldn't stay out of bed and awake for more than ten minutes. My immune system was hardly existant and spent most of the 'symptom period' in bed asleep with a really bad cold. Your body has to repair so much, and sometimes there is damage done by drug abuse that your body cant repair. I stressed my liver out apparently, and now my blood iron count is below average which mean I get tired easier. When your going hard for so long, your muscles being to atrophy, literally waste away. When your body has consumed all the fuel it can from a meal you have eaten, it will temperarily dip into fat stores in order to tide it over. However, if your continue not to eat, it doesn't just continue using fat stores. It starts breaking down muscle tissue as well. Factors such as lethargy dont motivate you to get out of bed and try and do some light excercise to start rebuilding that muscle tissue. If you dont aid the process along, and wait to start doing the things such as light excercise, etc, until you have slept off all your partying, you will be waiting longer. One of the hardest thing I think a lot of people who do get clean have to realise at some stage is that withdrawal or even addiction is not a condition that can be treated within any particular time frame. Its pretty much dependant on the person, the size of the habit, etc! Sometimes its not the nicest thing to realise that it is quite possibly something that never leaves you. I remember 5 weeks after I had stopped, slept a lot, eat a lot, slept some more and really, not a single craving, till one night while trying to get to sleep a craving hit me, and I probably would have sold my first born to the devil if he promised me some. I eventually got to sleep and slept it off but it made me realise we dont just stop and then six months later think back and say to ourselves 'Gee! I forgot how heinous my habit really was. I'm glad I haven't thought about it for 6 months' ... No!! Every day after stopping I was trying to formulate ways of getting it, then it became every second day and then it became soley trying to get it only on (some) weekends! ... Does that protocol look familiar? Its basically the path to addiction played backwards. Novices start with weekend recreational use and progress to habitual daily use, and junkies (who actually DO quit) work with what they have, a daily habit, and work down to something like maybe the occasional weekend use of a drug in a club. Its wretched that the junkie's path to substance abuse freedom is about ten times as long and hard as it is for a novice to get to a junkie status, a fact which makes the decision of not quitting so much easier! I mentioned times I stressed my body out with my abuse. It does affect a lot of your body systems such as muscular, maybe digestive system and blood system. Your immunity can be worn down to almost nothing and when that happens, its like the floodgates have opened for bacteria and viruses to infiltrate the body and attact. You might be more prone to sickness such as cold and flu. You just have to be patient as your body restores to equilibrium. Aid it by eating healthy, excercise and eat food or supplements high in vitamin c and zinc ... Now I know I have blabbed on here like someone who has just consumed a whole heap of amphetamines and cant shut the fuck up, but withdrawal is a passionate subject of mine ..
  7. smoking cocaine

    Too true ... i never smoked crack but I did smoke crystal for quite a while - almost 2 years - and in the end when I stopped it was because of all the bullshit basically .. So many people I knew became fucked up, it was getting harder to get and the motivation for me to try and get it just wasn't there .. I got over it which is guess for an escape route from its addiction, is a lucky one!
  8. adderall question..

    Amen to that!
  9. adderall question..

    Adderall, like all amphetamines, has a high potential for abuse. If used in large doses over long periods of time, it can cause dependence and addiction. So I guess the risk of causing serious harm to yourself is mo more than that of normal party drugs ... mrbitch
  10. any of you inject K?

  11. Shooting everything at once?

    >>If I shoot G, H, K, E,<< Well if you were in the slightest bit serious (and I only say that not in a serious manner, I say it because I know there are fucked up people out there who probably would think they could survive it) in the first 4 drugs you have G (GHB) and K (Ketamine) mixed together .. Two depressants which will probably take you down into respiratory failure and then coma. My suggestion, if you do make this cocktail and manage to get it into a needle, and then in your arm (or wherever) ... quickly put your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye! But remember, when you shoot up it hits you within seconds so you have to be quick in doing this!
  12. can fog machines set off fire alarms?

    There are really 2 types of smoke detectors: Photoelectric Detectors use light beams and the fact that smoke particles can block or deflect light beams as their method of operation. If the light beam is broken or deflected by smoke particles entering a special chamber, the alarm will go off. Ionisation Detectors use ionising techniques to operate. When smoke enters the ionization chamber, it disrupts a current - the smoke particles attach to the ions and neutralize them. The smoke detector senses the drop in current between the plates and sets off the horn. The smoke/fog that clubs usually have lingering is usually called 'fog juice' which is just a mixture of glycol mixed with water. The machine essentially overheats the mixture, the smoke is formed and expelled from the chamber. In a nutshell, all these particles floating around from a smoke machine, entering the light beam chamber of a photoelectrict detector or the ionising chamber of a ionisation detector DO commonly set smoke alarms off. Which is why you will notice clubs dont have smoke alarms but a manually activated warning system or sprinklers. ..bitch..
  13. Harder 2 fall asleep on?

    It depends. I find it hardest to fall asleep on speed but a lot easier to go to sleep on crystal. A lot of people I know started out on speed, then moved to using crystal because of the more pronounced effects it had. After a while all of us who started out by making a point last a weekend started needing 2 points, then 3, 4, 5 until it becomes about a $250 (AUD) a day habit. At one stage I remember thinking 'I used to have crystal to stay awake, party hard, etc, and now I am taking it to sleep ...'. Thats wrong! Its wrong to take a stimulant and then proceed to bed, but that was the effect crystal was having on a lot of people. On the other hand, in the midst of my crystal dependance, I tried some speed and I didn't really get any rushy effects your supposed to, but f**ked if I could get to sleep. One 1.5 points I was awake for almost 3 days ... Weird! ..bitch..
  14. Why aren't pills as popular as they used to be?

    Pills have dramatically changed in quality at the same time all of the people who have been taking them regularly have been ever so slightly increasing their tolerance to them! Its funny to hear people I know, who have done pills for years, to frequently complain that the quality of pills is always the result of them not having a good time. They seem to forget that 4 years of going out almost every weekend, dropping copious amounts of pills, will give them some kind of tolerance. That and the fact that they dont want to accept the fact that they need 5 pills a night now instead of just the one (or even half) they had when they first started experimenting. It all shows they dont want to accept they have developed a tolerance. Its easier to be blame it on the pills being cut with everything but MDMA. And crystal is another big issue too ... It has lured people away, consuming them entirely with itself. I've seen many minds slip away from this drug, BUT, at the same time, I have witnessed many people overcome its terrible grip fairly easily, which makes me wonder if a lot of the coming off of it is simply in peoples heads? Maybe ... Weak minds ... Its easier to just succumb to it for some! ..bitch..
  15. The best way to help someone out who has had too much GHB is: * Keep them awake and moving. DO NOT let them sit/lay and fall asleep. Keep their mind active by asking questions. * Funnily enough actually smoking some crystal does help. It counteracts the depressant effect it has on the CNS, not necessarily to bring them back to feeling normal, but basically to stop them from going into respiratory failure. * Give them a soft drink of some sort (coke, pepsi, sprite, etc) to drink along with water. Its all I can think of for now off the top of my head. If your not a doctor and your in this situation the best thing to always do is get medics involved. They know what they are doing ...