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  1. Jeff Mills.........................

    my two cents: jeff mills all the way... he never plays in this country (what's up with that?). yeah most of the techno dj's stay on that side of the atlantic, sniff, but he rarely rarely plays here and richie hawtin plays in the us very often--i've seen him 4 times in the past 3 years and i didn't go see him every time he came through. he might be coming around less now that he lives in berlin, but somehow i still think he'll be easier to catch than jeff mills. plus jeff mills does that kooky superfast mixing with one hand that feels like you're watching a digitally edited movie and while privilege has a few more dj's, it also costs $25 and jeff mills is free!! (i've never been terribly impressed with magda or john acquaviva live anyways, but of course you can always just catch someone on a bad night...) are there any diehard technoheads on this board like me that will be at mills and the insanely good nights at privilege on mon/tues?