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  1. Best Thursday night party?

    The title says it all, i am looking for the best thursday night party? i dont have a music preference, i just want the most fun. And since i am asking what about fridays?
  2. Plan my weekend, need your help!

    i know its another what to do post. i've seen the lists composed and still can't decide. so what the hell should i do? i am thinking saturday pure and then empire ballroom sunday night and monday are completely open. i want to check out Tao for sure at some point and everything else is up in the air. Nothing is set in stone so plan my weekend. help a brotha out.
  3. Halloween party rundown

    would others recommend presale tickets for events if their available?
  4. Halloween weekend, whats going down?

    hmmmm i saw him at crobar in NY, then again in seattle, which didnt compare. but this is definitely a possibility.
  5. As you can tell i am planning early, but i am wondering whats going down that weekend? any big bashes? pimp n ho? anything of that nature?
  6. Crobar - dresscode ??

    no wonder they let me in
  7. Crobar - dresscode ??

    there didnt seem to be one for Sasha and digweed a week ago, but thats the only time i've ever been to crobar.....now its back to the boring club scene of seattle
  8. NEEDED: S & D tickets!

    not that i have any extra, but i am curious how much you were willing to pay.
  9. 21 hours and count before my flight takes off for NY. yes i got my SD tickets, yes i got my carl cox tickets, and yes i got my wrestlemania tickets its gonna be one wild weekend!!
  10. messy????

    my rooms always messy
  11. rythmism has posted that its free before midnight? anyone second that?
  12. advanced tix for S/D

    good to know, cause i called yesterday and they said you could only buy in advance at the club. and since i am coming from seattle
  13. BLACK MARCH 13th

    seems like BLACK is the place to be for afterhours? whats the best night to go? dress code? hours? cover? any info would be awesome
  14. which would you do?

    sounds like sasha/digweed at crobar is gonna me for real!!
  15. which would you do?

    the problem is that i want to hit different clubs each night for variety since i am an outta towner