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  1. Thanksgiving Eve TONIGHT @ Euro Lounge!

    and I thought the place was closed........hummmmmm
  2. dj mike loikith....?

    Where are you now and the party this year?
  3. I'm scared

    I scared to head to Studio 9 this Saturday night. Some girls invited me and Denny is there but the few times I was there last year the place was total garbage. Now I am a little scared to go back and try it again.
  4. Past Saturday 9-17 @ STUDIO 9

    Any reviews? I heard the place was dead. That is certainly not the case with the competition. I am sure the CP/ Studio 9 defense team will say the place was packed. I am really looking for someone else to reply.
  5. Synthetic

  6. What are the reputation points all about?

    Latest Reputation Received Thread Date Comment Actor: 'Chappelle's Sho... 08-03-2005 11:25 PM fuck you - nomembername WTF Asshole? Edit: The "asshole" is the person that left the comment, not NMN.
  7. New club opening for the HOUSEHEADS n DANCERS

    Was this a club before? Asbury?
  8. Audi RS4

    New Car and Driver Sept '05 they test a Audi RS4 against the current M3 and a C55 Benz. The first thing that caught my eye was the estimated price of $80,000 for the RS4. The C55 and M3 are 13.3 secs for the 1/4 mile and the M3 is 13.6. 0-60 times are 4.8 secs for the Audi and M3, the C55 is 4.7. I would rather save $20,000 and buy the Benz or BMW anyday. Not impressed at all.
  9. Happy Hour in North Jersey.....

    South City Grill. Rt.17 Maywood/ Rochelle Park or where ever on Wednesday and the one in Mountain Lakes on a Thursday.
  10. When will all the hating end?

    That's it.
  11. Reasons why *Deko Lounge* Is SO much Better then STUDIO9

    The best was months ago when Hype pasted and copied a photo of a hearing aid for somebody that believed Studio 9 had a hot system. LOL
  12. just got back from jp s9

    I have zero affiliation to any night club, never have and never will. I don't quite get what you are saying?
  13. just got back from jp s9

    Good point
  14. Studio 4 Thursday

    Thats the night to go.