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  1. Well, it’s been a hectic few months with some fantastic releases from the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Yunus Guvenen and our latest offshoot act Suicide Sports Club on B_Rock! Check it out… Suicide Sports Club – Last Ghost in Town Vinyl - http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=463 Redanka Mix - http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=464 Brancaccio & Aisher Mix - http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=465 Original Mix - http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=466 Hernan Cattaneo & John Tonks - Warsaw Vinyl - http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=467 Original Mix - http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=468 Big Bass Mix - http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=469 Yunus Guvenen – Let Go / Fever Vinyl - http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=470 Let Go - http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=472 Fever - http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=471
  2. Layered Sounds 2

    Layered Sounds 2 – Released 08/08/05 Layered Sounds returns with an outstanding analysis of John Digweed’s Bedrock label and audible accolades from across multi-coloured spectrum of dance music. Listen http://www.bedrock.uk.net/layeredsounds/ Buy CD http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=457 Download http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=459 http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=460
  3. Luke Fair delivers a fantastic addition to the Original Series on Bedrock Records. Listen - www.bedrock.uk.net/flyer12 ‘’One of the finest compilations you’re likely to hear this summer – check it out!’’ M8/M8 'Luke Fair has twisted the compilation format yet again, and his commitment to re-edits shows he's more than just a pick 'n' mix DJ' EQ 'Fair's compilation is like entering a club during prime time.' Sound Revolt '[Luke Fair] showcases his deck-sterity with a full-length DJ mix, pulling off a melodic yet tough journey into new house and techno which works a treat!' Flux 1. Sebastien Leger - Mooguno 2. Upfade - Friday Loops 3. Mongoose 1 - Synth Song 4. Manuel Tur - Ain't No 5. Overstreet - Lose Yourself (ATFC) 6. Moonbootica - Bulldog Beats 7. Skylark - When In Rome 8. T and F vs. Moltosugo - La Serenissima 9. Sebastien Leger - Electric 10. Mashtronic feat. Matthew Bradley - Supernova 11. Rowan Blades & Chris Lake – Malteser Geezer (big mince mix) 12. Paolo Mojo - 1983 13. Torley Wong - Xristophan (Fair and Masiello) 14. Lifelike - Waves (Instrumental) Buy Now: http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=450
  4. New releases!!!

    Guy Gerber's 2004 smash Stoppage Time gets a reworking from Max Graham and Tom Mangan. Heavily supported by everybody from Carl Cox to King Unique! Buy LP: http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=451 Download: http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=452 http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=453 Terry Grant lands a fantastic debut on Bedrock with I'll Kill You. Stunning vocals, rolling beats and throbbing basses have made this track a favorite for so many of the finest DJ's around. Buy LP: http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=447 Download: http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=448 http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=449
  5. Hey people! Just a quick one to say the first sampler from Jonathan Lisle's mammoth mix Original Series 02 is available. With Trafik - Surrender on the A; and Steiger - Ghost Sector on the flip, this is a must have vinyl sampler for breaks and progressive heads alike! Enjoy! http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=446
  6. Out Now: Weird Continental Types…

    Bedrock Breaks are proud to present the Weird Continental Types and their fantastic new EP Living on an Island. Listen: http://www.bedrock.uk.net/flyer10/ BBC Tune of the Week. 02/05/05 4/5 The vibes are fantastic – Andy Gardner, Plump DJ’s Featured on Annie Nightingale’s BBC Radio1 show Wicked release from Bedrock Breaks. M8 Magazine DJ Hyper – “It's the best thing I've heard from them in years.’’ Naughty G & Barry Jamieson team up to create the newest breaks super group the Weird Continental Types. With fantastic reactions all round from the breaks community they're here to stay and here to rock! LP1 http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=442 MP3 http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=438 http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=439 More http://www.bedrock.uk.net/biogs.asp?djid=134
  7. Pole Folders critically acclaimed album is out now on Bedrock Records. Featuring artists Kirsty Hawkshaw, Sandra Ferretti & Shelly Harland Zero Gold is not simply a dance album. It is a carefully crafted work, grounded in timeless musical concepts, stellar production and genuinely felt artistic presence. It acknowledges its influences without parodying them and is ultimately an expression of the artist’s endeavor played out through the use of modern technologies and musical techniques. Eflyer: Listen & enjoy… www.bedrock.uk.net/flyer09 Buy CD: http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=433 Download: http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=434 Watch a promotional video here http://www.bedrock.uk.net/polefolder/polefolder.wmv
  8. John Digweed, Nick Fanciulli and guests in support of Fabric20 CD. Tuesday 22nd March The Pawn Shop Lounge 1222 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Friday 25th March Angel Ultralounge (fka Nerve) 247 23rd St, Miami Beach Bedrock Records Presents The Original Series Party hosted by John Digweed with Desyn Masiello Luke Fair Jimmy Van M Weird Continental Types (live) http://www.bedrock.uk.net/fabric20/ Pole Folder promotional Video (watch below) Supporting his critically acclaimed album ‘’Zero Gold’’ http://www.bedrock.uk.net/polefolder/polefolder.wmv Luke Fair EP Out Now http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=432 http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=431 http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=430 Thanks, Bedrock.
  9. - LISTEN www.bedrock.uk.net/flyer08 Mixed live using 5 CD channels (using 3 Denon DNS-5000s via their Alpha channels), FX and a Korg Z1 synthesiser. The tracks have been de-constructed and loops re-created using different elements of each track, then mixed live. Or to put it another way you might hear a drum loop mixed over track 3 which consists of a snare from track 5 and a kick from track 7! - BUY CD http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=405 - Download http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=425 LP1 Released 4th April LP2 Released 18th April Thank you, Bedrock
  10. - LISTEN http://www.bedrock.uk.net/desynplayer/ The debut release in the fantastic Original Series - Desyn Masiello drops the funk in this indicator of one of the best burgeoning talents in dance music. - BUY CD http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=405 Also 4 outstanding tracks of Desyn Masiello's choosing from his Original Series mix on LP: A) Sebastian Ingrosso & John Dahlback 'We Got The Muzik' Community Spirit 'Joyous Loop' C) Prawler 'Frisco' D) Stylophonic 'All Nite Long' - BUY LP http://www.bedrock.uk.net/moreinfo.asp?id=406 Thank you, Bedrock
  11. Bedrock Online Sale.........Now On!!!

    We at Bedrock have been opening treasure chests, forgotten crates and dusting off vinyl to bring you our ultimate online clearance sale. From now until September we will be wheeling and dealing CD and vinyl packages of Bedrock old and new to bring the best of what is and was, all for discount prices. Remember this is for a limited time only while stocks last. So if there is a package you like, jump on it as it may be the last time!!! http://www.bedrock.uk.net/ Thank you, Bedrock
  12. From now until September we are holding the ultimate Bedrock online sale. With prices being slashed on CD and vinyl you'd be mad to miss it! Deals include: 4 for 3 on CD's & Vinyl Double discount packs on CD's & Vinyl & more! Free T-Shirt for the first 100 customers that spend over £25!!! & a few vinyl you thought was gone! (keep an eye out for this one!!!) Remember, this is for a limited time only while stocks last. http://www.bedrock.uk.net/ Bedrock
  13. Main Room: John Digweed James Zabiela Phil Thompson Star Bar...Bedrock Breaks Album Launch Meat Katie Lee Coombes Dylan Rhymes Soundshaft...Deeper Substance Presents Demi Desyn Masiello Alex Sansford Dakota Bar: James Holden Jonathan Lisle Cass
  14. Bedrock is proud to present...

    Bedrock is proud to present a newly launched website and online shop. Featuring up to the minute info on Bedrock's club night in the UK and abroad, Messageboard, all the latest news surrounding the label, the club and John Digweed and the brand new Bedrock Shop. Complete Bedrock back catalogue digital downloads at 3 different bandwidths, vinyl and CD compilations, 12"s, and a huge range of Bedrock merchandise, all under one roof! www.bedrock.uk.net Bedrock