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  1. Quotation Of The Day -

    QUOTATION OF THE DAY - "Let me tell you something important. As long as my country is under occupation, I feel that my vote means nothing." - WALID MUHAMMAD, the imam of a major Sunni mosque in Iraq. ---------------- http://www.nytimes.com/2005/01/23/international/middleeast/23voices.html?th
  2. Fox News Meltdown

    So when do we invade Iran?? "I don't know where he (bin Laden) is. I have no idea and I really don't care. It's not that important. It's not our priority." George Bush Jr. 2002-03-13
  3. Fox News Meltdown

    That was great! "they had a prayer for the troops" yeah that will help protect them! ---------------------- People traveling in the real world may see Iraq as a place where bombings, kidnappings and assassinations are an integral part of daily life; where police officers are blown to pieces as they line up for their pay; where innocent men, women and children are slain by the thousands for no good reason; where cities like Falluja are leveled in order to save them; where America's overwhelming superiority in firepower has not been enough to win the war; and where the upcoming elections seem very much like a joke since many of the candidates have to keep their identities secret and the locations of many polling places remain undisclosed. People traveling in the real world may see Iraq that way. But in the fantasy-laden Bush realm, Iraq is a place where freedom is on the march. So why not raise a toast to freedom, and dance the night away. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/01/21/opinion/21herbert.html?oref=login&th
  4. Put It On the Tab

    20+yrs of going out and I have never lost my wallet, fucking sheep if this becomes the norm. ---------------------------- There's a bar in Scotland where everyone could soon know your name — and everything else about you. Bar Soba (search), an ultra-hip Asian fusion bar and restaurant in Glasgow, is offering regulars a "digital wallet" — a microchip implanted in the upper arm that transmits unique personal information to a radio receiver on the premises. The size of a grain of rice and implanted by a medical professional, the chip guarantees entrance to the bar on crowded nights and keeps track of your bar tab, as well as other relevant information. "By the time you walk through the door to the bar, your favorite drink is waiting for you and the bar staff can greet you by name," Brad Stevens, owner of the venue, told The Observer of London. The concept's already caught on with customers at two trendy joints in Barcelona, Spain, and Rotterdam, Netherlands. "The main benefit is that you can go out without having to carry a wallet, which can get easily lost in a nightclub," said Steve van Soest, one of more than 100 people "chipped" by the Baja Beach Club (search) in Barcelona. Stevens of Bar Soba acknowledges there are risks involved. "There is a danger that, if a person's not carrying cash, they could just keep on drinking," he admitted. "But we're looking at ways of setting a limit on how much can be spent." Privacy advocates are understandably alarmed. "The chip contains your name and ID number and, as this could be read remotely without your knowledge, that is already too much information," a spokesman for NoTags (search), a British group dedicated to fighting the spread of such chips, told the Daily Telegraph of London. Barcelona club-goer van Soest had no such qualms. "It would be great if this catches on and you could put all your personal details and medical records on it," he told the Observer. "If I was involved in an accident, doctors could simply scan me and find out my blood group and any allergies." Wednesday, January 19, 2005 http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,144884,00.html
  5. amsterdam

    Read my earlier post and don`t act like the "ugly american".
  6. Ladies? was it ever too big? well.....

    hows this?
  7. Search for Banned Arms In Iraq Ended Last Month

  8. Search for Banned Arms In Iraq Ended Last Month

    obby--- ...wipe the drool of your chin, pull your nose out of Bush's ass, and apologize to those of us who were intelligent enough to know the Fuhrer was lying his ass off about WMDs..... <arms crossed and toe tapping> ----------------- Here is Bush in 2003 saying that we found the WMDs that he now admits never existed. http://www.whitehouse.gov/g8/interview5.html
  9. Search for Banned Arms In Iraq Ended Last Month

    Given that the White House has declared the search for WMDs concluded: Please explain why are we in Iraq again. Anyone? <crickets chirping> Any dittohead Bushbots wanna step up and answer the question? <crickets chirping> <crickets chirping> <crickets chirping> <crickets chirping> <crickets chirping> I thought so.....
  10. Search for Banned Arms In Iraq Ended Last Month

    http://www.wtov9.com/news/4075655/detail.html President George W. Bush used the threat of Iraq's banned weapons as a reason for pre-emptive war. The chief U.S. weapons hunter is to deliver his final report on the search next month. In his early findings, Charles Duelfer reported in September that Saddam Hussein neither had weapons of mass destruction nor the ability to make them. Bush insists the invasion of Iraq was justified. http://www.boston.com/dailynews/012/wash/White_House_says_Iraq_weapons_:.shtml Chief U.S. weapons hunter Charles Duelfer is to deliver his final report on the search next month. ''It's not going to fundamentally alter the findings of his earlier report,'' McClellan said, referring to preliminary findings from last September. Duelfer reported then that Saddam Hussein not only had no weapons of mass destruction and had not made any since 1991, but that he had no capability of making any either. Bush unapologetically defended his decision to invade Iraq. http://news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=3993404 It was Saddam Hussein’s alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction – none were ever found – which was given as the principal reason for the invasion of Iraq. ----------------------------------------- A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: January 11, 2005 Filed at 10:57 p.m. ET As of Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2005, at least 1,356 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. At least 1,068 died as a result of hostile action, the Defense Department said. The figures include three military civilians. The AP count is one higher than the Defense Department's tally, last updated at 10 a.m. Tuesday. The British military has reported 76 deaths; Italy, 19; Poland, 16; Ukraine, 16; Spain, 11; Bulgaria, seven; Slovakia, three; Estonia, Thailand and the Netherlands, two each; and Denmark, El Salvador, Hungary, Latvia and Kazakhstan one death each. Since May 1, 2003, when President Bush declared that major combat operations in Iraq had ended, 1,218 U.S. military members have died, according to AP's count. That includes at least 959 deaths resulting from hostile action, according to the military's numbers. Since the start of U.S. military operations in Iraq, 10,372 U.S. servicemembers have been wounded in hostile action, according to a Defense Department tally released Tuesday. --
  11. Search for Banned Arms In Iraq Ended Last Month

    Like they were there in the first place...... oh thats right we invaded because he was a baddd man. Clinton lied about a BJ = 0 deaths Bush lied about Iraq = 10,000k`s... But he`s the moral leader my @zz
  12. I've lost ALL my mp3's!!!!!

    If your talking about Encase? than all you`ll be able to do is look at the raw data - but its no longer mp3 format. Well now you`ll learn to back up your stuff, its sucks but I think 90% of users have to learn this the hardway. I have my hd partioned 5 times at 20gigs per and short of the hd taking a shit the data is safe, even than I have backups of eveything on encrypted disks at another local.
  13. Clubplanet - Got our back

    < just a snip of nfo > http://www.fireblades.org/forums/showthread.php?t=4892 For those who've never heard of it, labusas.org (for Los Angeles Hayabusas) has been one of the larger internet forums catering to Hayabusa enthusiasts. Recently there's been alot of fear being spread among the members who were talking about being infiltrated by the police. Not a big surprise really, since these guys' reputation was one of alot of illicit behavior; hot parts, drug addled parties, online porn and other indiscretions seemed to be prevalent on the site. Imagine then, the stupidity of this: one of the board fathers threw a big party. They allegedly blew up a car and were firing automatic weapons. Pictures of the festivities were posted on the site afterwards. ---------- Theres more....
  14. cool sex sites

    http://thehun.net/ http://www.call-kelly.com/main.shtml