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  1. 35 and over

    I dont now your taste in music and what you like to do, but your best bet is to find some lounge where you can sit down and enjoy yourself. If you are the type who likes to dance there are clubs I can recommend, but the crowd will be younger 21 and over.
  2. Exit

    Definately hit Pacha up. One of the few clubs left in the city that bring good talent. Check out their webside for upcoming line ups.
  3. Actualy word out on the street there is a new place soon to be opened accross the street from Pacha. As far as Vegas, outside of special events, Vegas clubs have very little house music driven parties.
  4. Its been dead for a while, I'd say couple years now. This forum used to be pretty active. Its never to late to bring old CP heads and start posting again.

    Calegary killed that room when he opened up for DJ Vibe back in April and again when he did Made in Brasil night. If any of you into high energy banging tribal, tech, house I suggest check it out.
  6. jerks at ultra last saturday

    Sorry to hear that. Next time try not to get separated from your group. Usually its much easier to get in as a group of guys/girls.
  7. Clubs in NYC that I can get into... (18+)

    Try going after 4 am when all places stop serving liquor. Sometimes they let you in if you are under 21. It also helps if you can throw $20 or so to the guy up front.
  8. I dont know what kind of music you are into, but if you like quality house, trance check out Pacha, SR,Love,Cielo. This Sat. Pacha is having Boris Jungle Party. Should be banging night of mad tribal house. What ever you do,enjoy yourself.
  9. discotheque is back eh?

    Check out that line up. Eddie Baez- have not heard him in ages, Mario Calegary- got residency there. Kid is on fire. He opened up for DJ Vibe few months ago and killed that place. Absolutely banging house, tribal, tech house.
  10. Richie Santana

    Discoteque is open again? That plase used to hold some major parties. Glad its up and running again.
  11. New Jersey Strip Clubs

    There are some in Newark, Elizabeth, Jersey City.
  12. Need Help For Parties on June 21st

    Saturdays most NYC clubs 21+. Your only choice is WH. Pacha is 18+ on Fridays and it brings quality DJ and has multiple floors.
  13. Richie Santana

    Actually guy is pretty good. I think he is one of the guys from "Mind Control" monthly party at Pacha. This past weekend they had all main floor to themselfs and did a great job. Banging tribal all night long. I know I had a good time.
  14. When should I go to Ibiza

    Try going right before end of the season. Closing parties are pretty good and most of the people left.
  15. Who remembers when NY had a club scene?

    Enouph with this "NY has no club scene". Parties are still happening, world class DJs spin in NY on consistent basis,people still going out to dance and listen to the music. Enjoy