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  1. This Friday?

    thanks for the responses guys. victor - i may take you up on that offer. they can find you at the door or is it better to call your phone on the way in? thanks john
  2. This Friday?

    i need a good spot for Friday. Lots of friends in town that need to see that ny is the party capital of the world still. thoughts thusfar: cielo crobar - does anyone go on friday nights now? avalon - who is spinning? table 50 what is everyones thoughts? thanks! jk
  3. thanks all the help guys. victor, i may be calling you! jk
  4. hey everyone, i have girl friends in town from london this weekend (who call fabric home) that are looking for a good party. will crobar or avalon have the better friday night party? i have been to both but only on saturday nights... thanks for the help!