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  1. 3 questions about UMF !!

    any of you know the prices inside Space and @ Ultra? beer, water, goodies . whatever
  2. 3 questions about UMF !!

    hey, I'll get to FLL on Friday @ 11:50 pm or more ..so I'll get to Space34 until 2:00 am ... what's the procedure if I buy the 3-Day Pass ???? I just show up at the venue with the confirmation & an ID? one more question!! are cameras allowed in Space?? what if my girlfried hide it in her purse ?? the camera is pretty small ... do they check every girls purse??
  3. 3 questions about UMF !!

    dammit .. too good to be true uh? So, what are your guesses on who I'll get so see for $55 ????
  4. 3 questions about UMF !!

    so there is no warranty that I'll see the chemical bros. tiesto, pvk, junkie xl for sure??? how does it work??
  5. Hey, does anyone know at what time each DJ will spin at Ultra?? eg. corsten @ 3:00 at this arena, tiesto @ 4:00 at x arena. I have my air ticket, but I havent buy my ultra ticket, maybe that's why ... I also need to know if with the $55 admission ticket I'll have access to all the DJ's in the LIneup . or do I need the VIP? how's the security ?? they check you everywhere?? can i Bring my digital camera ??