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  1. Track of WMC prediction BOX

    Judge Jules calls it a funky house tune? What remix would that be? Mousse t plays it? hmmmmm. Well, it might become a big track, but def. NOT THE track of the conference. Most of the times u shouldn't take those comments to serious. Would u like to be quoted after saying the track stinks? They would not place that comment anyway. If they would ask me what I think about the track, I would say the same thing Col Hamilton said. "Yes, it's gonna be a big tune"
  2. Track of WMC prediction BOX

    What a bunch of cheeseballers in this mf. Thanks for that wonderful remark "got milk?" U r absolutely right.
  3. Track of WMC prediction BOX

    for me last years wmc track was most probably flashdance. This years is a song called , "fuck...forgot the title, but I know it's a cdr, or was it a whitelabel?" Y'all just wait and see.....
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    funny how so many people here listen to so many songs at the same time. It must sound pretty scary
  5. January's Produce

    if I'm not mistaking, "fly music" came out under skullduggery, what was it...maybe volume 3 I think.
  6. January's Produce

    dt vs basement jaxx? I don't know what everybody is talkin about, but I have that record since august 04.