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  1. @ULTRA peeps with CCCP (USSR) red shirts..anyone see them?

    Im trying to show a pic of the shirts my group and i were wearing but i dont know how to insert it =/
  2. hard trance at ultra?

    Tiesto is the man and that is why he is considered the number 1 DJ in the world. One night I saw him at Space and there was soo many people jammed in there that i literally got sick to my stomach and had to leave
  3. hard trance at ultra?

    Yikes! Although i am a fan of his music, i must agree, his attitude stinks!
  4. hard trance at ultra?

    No matter what anyone says.... I love George!
  5. Dance star awards

    Any going to the dancestar awards? Is it even worth it to attend? Its 28 buks and its general admission at bayfront, which means you walk in and haul ass to get a seat. Do you guys think it will be worth it? I heard Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra are gonna be hosting the show.
  6. anyone driving....

    BOY do i feel happy i live in miami!!!!!!
  7. i dunno, i think he is good and deserves to be on the main stage for sure. Maybe i am just a GA fan
  8. Hey guys, do any of you know if GA will be at Ultra this year? He was scheduled last year and never showed up, im wondering if something similiar will happen again. Any news?