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  1. Pacha shut down

    was almost a given to happen , police love that place to begin with , i was there weds night and the amount of police there was retarded , i knew it was gonna happen tonite
  2. Pacha shut down

    police raiiiiiiiiiid ,, 2000 people tryin to get their coats now
  3. Pacha shut down

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha , just got a call
  4. serious review of pacha last nite

    thats about as serious as i get
  5. serious review of pacha last nite

    door was stupidly disorganized and way too selective , retarded people who thought who they were pushin everyone. On the inside-- music good , sound system good, crowd sucked , setup good hope they r not retarded at the door every night
  6. victor review...

    u frequent this board too? lol yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa chriscracks if theres one persons opinon to listen to , its his --- he will let it be known if the dj had a fat dick in his mouth all night , or if he really banged out a good set.
  7. they were looking , and u woulda been too if you knew i was SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU YOU BLIND BASTARD
  8. shit , u know i can hang , so hush up little lady
  9. i feel like a train hit me today , woooooohooooooo
  10. shit i forgot , lol ---- maybe i should shut up now
  11. yea , she was off talking to most of the guys in the place ---