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  1. wmc ticket question

    Are most people going down to Miami for the wmc buying the tickets for the major events ahead of time?
  2. HELP! Question about the WMC

    I'm heading to miami for the wmc....and I just purchased the ticket for [email protected] from groovetickets.com.....i printed out the e-ticket and I was just wondering.....can i just go to space on THE night of the event and just hand them the e-ticket along with my ID and credit card....or do I have to pick up the ticket BEFORE the actual event.... And also.........my friend and I are hesitant to buy the ultra tickets beforehand as there might be something (a smaller more intimate party) better......would Ultra be the best event happening for Saturday? Lastly, what do people normally wear to the clubs? (space, crobar) Any info would be greatly appreciated!