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  1. Icey,BabyAnne,Jackal,Monk,DynamixII at Players

    then wait for your money for a month
  2. For Your Listening Pleasure ....

  3. Hyype's April Chart

    it's not what you think it is, Alan... Just a working title...
  4. Hyype's April Chart

    in no particular order: 01 Elusive - Who Shot Jenny Fields? [CDR] 02 Furry Nipples - Untitled [CDR] 03 Chris Sterio - Database (Smight's Delicious House Mix) [source of Gravity] 04 Gabriel & Dresden - Arcadia (Ozgur Can Remix) [Orzanized Nature] 05 Hyype - T-Bone [CDR] 06 Thomas Penton - Devotion [sutil] 07 Cheese Police - Untitled [CDR] 08 Stian Klo - Timanfaya [Perctraxx] 09 Kitel & Cosmo - Have Love [White] 10 Duran Duran - Sunshine of a Heart [White]
  5. "1...1...2...3...5...8...13...21..."

    paulo mojo remix is
  6. And now for a change of pace..

    this game's too hard... i can't think of an animal that starts with V
  7. Best Parties/Best Sets of WMC

    kai @ opium remy @ spin holden @ bed dr kucho @ astor imo holden's set was best thing i've heard this year...
  8. Was anyone else disappointed with Ultra this year??

    i didn't go to ultra this year so i can't really say anything about it... but wmc in general could have been much better... club owners/promoters concentrated on booking big names and raising prices, instead of worrying about hospitality... i'm not sure if air conditioners were turned off on purpose (to make people buy more drinks) or miami was running out of electricity, but just about every club i went to was like a night in africa... i also want to mention that most door people did a very poor job... how does a cover go from $20 to $40 in 10 minutes? why did people who wore badges and were on vip lists had to wait in line? add that to being harrased by cops, being ripped off by pizza delivery people and cab drivers and you'll see what most people witnessed this past week... when i was driving to nikki beach for radio 1 party i saw a sign that said 'parking $40'... as a hospitality major i have to say miami as a city did a very poor job and its businesses would rather rip people off and make them not wanna come back next year instead of catering to their needs and providing everything they could/should have... my verdict: as much as i love this town i think they should move wmc to a place that will appreciate such event and will work hard for millions of dollars spent by tourists and locals... miami takes wmc (when money comes) for granted and doesn't deserve such event...
  9. try $50 after midnight
  10. remy's set was off the chizzain! and as much as i dislike trance, i have to admit that armin tore it up! markus opened his set with some serious mozarella, but quickly got back on track... ac and unfriendly staff were the only downsides... the bouncer in the vip gets a big 'stfu noob' from me... on a more more positive note, i got wasted and spent 14 hours in a coma because of a terrorist-looking dude in a mickey mouse shirt who said i couldn't outdrink him...
  11. http://www.jadesobe.com/ Ozgur Can [Precinct/Furry Nipples] Mark Pappas [611/Tigerhook] Hyype [360] & others Wednesday March 23rd 2PM - 6PM @ Jade 1766 Bay Road, Miami Beach 305.695.0000 Map $5 Admission
  12. you can also catch ozgur @ jade wednesday 2-5pm with this guy named hyype...
  13. Pure pics