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  1. DSC01260

    You even make those granny panties look good dammit!
  2. Nice Ass!

    She could have the face of Pais Hilton and I'd still throw her a good one.
  3. DaVe and Paris Hilton

    Most of you are fuckin high. She's a skinny, lazy-eyed slag.
  4. 2Blue

    Just a bit lower, we're missing a perfectly good moose knuckle!
  5. Hotties

    Only thing that woul make the 2 on the left hot is vagitarianism. Chick on the ight is righteous.
  6. Blue Biani

    Don't get me wrong. I'd still bend her over the sink.
  7. Blue Biani

    ... and a little bit of a gunt.
  8. Blue Biani

    Upon further inspection I'd also say that she has some big 'ol titties that don't quite match each other. Talk to the surgeon.
  9. Blue Biani

    I'm not so sure of the use of the word classy, in general I mean. Usually people who use the word have a weird idea of what class is- like drinking milf from a glass instead of the carton. I would say she has some big 'ol titties.
  10. Good Morning

    Just a little wider, now relax it, that's it...
  11. Club Casino

  12. travieso gal

    Look everyone, Patch Adams!
  13. IMG_0431

    Dag, nice titties!
  14. RubberFinale

    Not sure why there weren't any comments here. Would like to stick tongue up ass...
  15. sbxbuspfrnkrrstudio-01

    Worst pictures ever? You decide.