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  1. Cleveland, Ohio 6 March, 13 March Armin Van Buuren

    :-) Sounds like a sweet idea, Yea, I really want to see Ferry Corsten, and BT, do you know if they are coming to Cleveland anytime soon? Also, does ANYONE know anyone in Toronto, Canada? I MUST get a photo pass for some clubs up there...please contact me via AIM "snaptography" if you do. thanks.
  2. Cleveland, Ohio 6 March, 13 March Armin Van Buuren

    tickets are 33 with service charges for VIP, and something around 20 for non VIP. you can do it, go see ferry and armin, it'll be NUTS :-) Drink coffee, stay awake for life.
  3. http://snaptography.webpods.com/metropolis 6 March 2004 13 March 2004 Armin Van Buuren, Etc. Metropolis-Cleveland I will be shooting for the march 6th Event, you should all attend, it shall be quite an exciting time. The fliers are posted on the site link above If you have any questions please contact me via email or AIM [email protected] or AIM:snaptography www.spundae.com www.metropolis-cleveland.com www.trunightlife.com Brian