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  1. Private Parties/Unrestricted

    Unrestricted means that the wild women that show up won't be arrested if they decide to get playful and do a strip tease,it also means that you won't go to jail for not finding a private spot for more intimate moments.We're all consenting adults that won't be shocked and offended by people having fun.
  2. Private Parties/Unrestricted

    Please send an email with Private Party on the subject line if you'd like to be invited to a private party.These parties are held in homes and hotel suites where we don't have to worry about club rules that hender the fun.The only rules we have are no drugs or rape.There will only be a $5.00 fee per person to help with the expenses,there will be food and non alcoholic drinks but you can bring your own drinks if you want to.Send us your email now so we can inform you of where the real excitement is.Please send your email to [email protected] Our email says club party because that's how we started but the rules at clubs can hender the fun so we have them in private homes and hotels now so believe us when we tell you that you will have some real fun.We also have prize and cash giveaways because it's always fun to win something.