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  1. best mp3 player?? mini, ipod, jukebox?

    Hey i did the same thing try plugging it back into the computer and ejecting it again it might turn on... thats what I did with mine and it worked like a charm
  2. best mp3 player?? mini, ipod, jukebox?

    IPods are just sweet everyone who loves music should have one I have an old 20Gig the batter doesn't last too long but it holds sooo much
  3. trance nite on LI, check it out

    Sorry I just read one of my posts on Trance dying in NYC and some people were not so nice.... guess I carried over the anger .... no hard feelings I hope
  4. AVB @ The Roxy Review

    I think the traffic IN the party was pretty bad. Every single time I started to dance someone bumped into me. Even twards the end when everyone cleared out I couldn't get a couple steps down before someone was walkin into me. But I've delt with it before....small price to pay to hear some slammin trance. Besides that the night was awesome. He played a hard set like I thought he would some great tracks kept the dance floor going all night It was nice to see a little bigger crowd this time and everyone was really into it. 3 encores very sweet
  5. trance nite on LI, check it out

    I thought it was mean my bad
  6. trance nite on LI, check it out

    whats that supposed to mean? I spin as a hobbie I don't need you to know me. Cuz I don't spin out....
  7. Trance? Where...?

    Where has all of the trance gone? The only good trance that I ever get to hear is the occassional euro DJ spinning at the Roxy or Avalon. Don't get me wrong Avalon had a sick line up last month for trance but now what? NYC clubs hardly have any trance DJ spinnin from what I know. I used to spin upstairs at exit but that died after the main floor went hip hop... plus the guy who ran the upstairs didn't promote at all. Anyways if anyone knows anything besides Armin van Buuren thats happening this month please let me know Thanx
  8. trance nite on LI, check it out

    Never heard of the DJ What kinda trance? We need some more trance around here...
  9. Its great to see a new show that actually plays some good Hip-Hop as apposed to all the processed crap. Don't get me wrong I love music... But you have to agree that House, Trance and a lot of electronic music gets no play on NY radio stations. NY is supposed to be a huge party city yet the only times you hear good underground dance is at 2 o'clock in the morning. Daytime radio shows puke out the same lame vocal trance tracks over and over again along with all of the popular hip hop and rap. I think the bottom line is NY radio stations just suck in general and everyone is sore about it. Go down to Miami and listen to Party 93.1 now thats a party station

    Armin has been spinning a lot harder in his 03' - 04' Livesets if you listened to any of them. He should throw down a nice bangin' set hopefully. Last time he spun at the roxy I wasn't too impressed but I'm looking foward to some good set programing his beat matching is another story All in all it should be an awesome time. I'll be by the left of the stage by the speaker all night.. that my usual spot with the peeps I usually meet up with Hope to see ya guys there.
  11. JUDGE JULES @ Avaland Saturdays 3.6

    It says 10pm on the ticket site but I'm still not sure when he is going to start spinning. Does anyone have the flier that can post up the info from it??
  12. JUDGE JULES @ Avaland Saturdays 3.6

    Does anyone know at what time he goes on? I got work till 10 and i got a bit of a drive....
  13. PVD @ Exit

    He is still spining the same tracks. He threw down a couple of new ones but not much that i havn't heard from listening to his sets from 2003. All in all I've heard him spin better. Mad crowded this time too. Couldn't get the circle going at all in the middle of the night but the end like always was great.
  14. Lisa Lashes In Avalon

    UK Hard House is something like Nu-NRG. Bouncy beats. It some good shit but never blew up in NYC and its a damn shame. I'll be there. If you don't like it don't go.