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  1. ATtn: ghhhhhost

    almost there
  2. I'm So Fucking Bored

    we don't really do heroin lol
  3. Coldplay "X&Y" (listen to the new album)

  4. This Fucking Sucks

    the funny part is weed is usually good for the eyes.. I've constantly had eye problems throughout my life; inflammations, uviitus (sp?), allergies, etc. Whenever I'd smoke up my eyes would be perfectly fine the next day.. I finally had a good reason to smoke lol.
  5. I'm So Fucking Bored

    me too been sitting around most of the day..
  6. Song ID

    yeah just noticed you said morillo dropped it last night.. the song I mentioned is pretty old lol, sorry bout that.
  7. Song ID

    Sexual Harassment – I Need a Freak
  8. best weed

    I was just at the Bulldog last monday but settled for hash this time around. I smoked the Bubble Gum stuff last winter at the Grasshopper though, I could barely even get through a quarter of the joint... messed me up good.
  9. Milan vs. Liverpool

    Isn't there a limit on how many foreign players you can have playing at the same time?? Or is that just for non-EU players?
  10. Milan vs. Liverpool

    yeah but after it was 3-3 Milan had a lot more chances to score.. Dudek got lucky a few times.
  11. Milan vs. Liverpool

    i know.. fuckin queer was dancing around and moving way up off his line. Milan deserved to win but oh well..
  12. May Jams

    really?? i need to get my hands on it.. thought it was coming out later this month.
  13. May Jams

    a lot of what was released during WMC is considered old now... and most of the tracks have been way overplayed already, which adds to the 'oldness.' It's mostly because a lot of tracks get played so much even months before they're released. Take Robophobia (Zabielas track) for example, it's not out yet but I've heard it in some sets already.. when it comes out at the end of this month it'll be overplayed by mid-June.. and be considered 'old.'
  14. damn they lose again

    nice... but "it's only May".. then when they're still under .500 next month it's going to be "it's only June." By August they'll be in last place..
  15. David Stern....

    van gundy got fined $100,000 for talking shit about the refs.. Stern says the fine was only a first step to this whole situation and went on to make threats of banning him.