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  1. *WANT* 3 Tix to PVD after party in Spirit

    The deal is this: 1) IF you have a ticket to central park you have "so called" an option to buy a "cheap" ticket for afterparty at spirit for $25 2) IF you DONT have a ticket to central park and want to go ONLY to Spirit -you pay $40 at the door at Spirit 3) Third "smart ass" option - some of your friends are going to central park but CANT make it to spirit..they give you their ticket confirmation at central park and you easily buy an after party ticket on ticketweb.com for only $25...sooo you save $15 -which is almost 1 pill..or almost 1 drink -your choice HAHAHA! Hope that helps!
  2. I am confused.... 1. If someone buys a ticket to central park that means after party at spirit is automatically covered right??? Or ..do I have to purchase a ticket to sprit to?? 2. My friend wants to go to Spirit ONLY...that means he buy a ticket for $25 ONLY. Right? Please advice:)
  3. Tiesto reviews heres mine pretty funny

    I had a ticket so didnt have to stay on line..One of my friends was promotion this event and she had last ticket unsold and I managed to sell it right in the club..around 12:45 hahaha..call up a friend..he was by garden's gates at Avalon in like NO TIME LOL...when I was passing him a ticket the crowd went CRAZZZZYYYY beggin me for more tickets...LOL...Oh well it was the last one. Again, I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE AT TIESTO"S!!!!!
  4. Tiesto reviews heres mine pretty funny

    I Had The Time Of My Life At Avalon. Although My T-shirt Was Drippin Wet, I Had The Blast!!! Stop Complaining, People! Tiesto Is The Best! I Actually Liked His Set At Avalon Better Than At Space/wmc 2004.
  5. I WILLLLL BR THERE @2:30 or 6!!! MUAAAHHH!!!!
  6. Hey there!! I am very down-to-earth 25 yo female looking for cool, fun people to hang out while in Miami 3/5-3/10 -Ultra, Space, Crobar???? LETS GET IT ONNNN!!! THE MORE THE MERRIER!!