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  1. help with put 'em high

    hey io finally found it the version is put em high(Dj KC TEch House Mix)
  2. help with put 'em high

    nahh thats not it but thanx anyway
  3. help with put 'em high

    does anyone know the version of stonebridge's put em high that johnny budz or the riddler play...it has kinda of a trance sound to it and the voice is differnet then the girls int he original song....so if anyone knows wuhat remix it is please post it.. thanx
  4. Legit

    nah thats the problem... no one from around my way dont sell them.
  5. Legit

    Does anyone know any legit sites where you can buy oxys or vikes? I have done so much searching but i still cannot find the right site. I know that someone must know a good site. Thanks.
  6. Hair Spiking Products

    heyy i was juss wondering wats the best stuff to use to spike my hair right now i use ICE spiking glue.....i have curly hair but when i spike my hair i want it to stand straight up...does ne1 know wats the best stuff to use
  7. gram

    whats the best way to cut up a gram of yay all at once
  8. Purity

    alright thanx for the info
  9. phramies

    i juss wanted to kno cause i am doin a research paper on the most abused drugs on teens fro school
  10. Purity

    is there neway to test how pure coke is??
  11. phramies

    does ne1 kno wat are the strongest anti depressents, pain killers, muscle relaxers, and anxiety pills out there thanxx
  12. ZaNNiEsS ViKeSs OxYsS

    it acutally took me a lil while i was madd drunk when i did that lol
  13. USAPharmacyServices.com????

    Has ne1 heard of this site nad if they did do u know if it is legit? thanx
  14. ZaNNiEsS ViKeSs OxYsS

    oo ok thanx a lot
  15. ZaNNiEsS ViKeSs OxYsS

    i JusS wANteD tO kNoW iF nE1 kNOwS nE cHeAP aNd LiGiT SiTeS tO gEt ZaNNiE BaRs, ViKe ES, aNd OxYsS?? tHiS wOuLd bE a GrEaT HeLp tHANx......