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  1. 2nd annual!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm there...I'll bring a shitload of chips and drinks and whatever else I can think of
  2. I saw Meet the Fockers last night...

  3. Last night @ Cafeteria!

    you sure did...
  4. Math Whiz Breaks Calculation Record...

    wow, thats pretty f*ckin amazing...
  5. Last night @ Cafeteria!

    It was more than mad packed...I felt like a sardine. Good music. Good fun. Michael
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    Danny Howells - Live @ GU 24-7 Canberra
  7. Bling's Review of Miguel [email protected] Delano

    I don't have a response for that right now, but when I think of one I'll be sure to post it.
  8. Bling's Review of Miguel [email protected] Delano

    yes, unfortunately we did, thanx 2 carlos...
  9. Bling's Review of Miguel [email protected] Delano

    Supplemental to Bling’s review… Well I must agree with your review Bling, it was quite accurate... The Delano is truly one of my favorite places, from the ambiance to the people; there is something special about it. I’m amazed every time I walk through it, the tall ceilings and long white draperies hanging from the ceiling to the floor give it somewhat of a heavenly feel. As usual, the place is a pretty packed hangout for many Sobe goers, and if you have walked through it you would want to hang out there too. As Carlos and I walked outside, I noticed the extreme amount of humidity that I thought would kill me before the end of the night with the help of my extra thick long sleeve shirt that I shouldn’t have worn, but it was too late to go home and change so I dealt with it and welcomed the tsunami of sweat that my shirt helped bring. After we got in, I began to hear the beautiful sounds of Miguel Migs, who I have never heard of before until Carlos informed me about him a few days earlier and I must say, he is quite skilled, so if you get the opportunity to see him, don’t pass it up. Carlos and I met up with some CPers after that (pleasure meeting you all by the way). Now Im not sure, but I think the reason why it was so hot by the pool area was from all the model chicks that were there. I don’t think I can say that I have seen so many model chicks in a single gathering place ever before, I mean it was just outta hand, tens everywhere you looked. Just plain and simple…MODEL PUNANAY. At like 1:45 Carlos, Bling, and I headed over to the giant chess table (after Liz and Miriam abandoned us without saying goodbye) to attempt to play an exciting game of chess, but we were unable to succeed. Instead we went inside and were on our way out but saw this beautiful gigantuous pool table with gray felt and had to play at least one game on it. So Carlos and I tried to get in a quick game before we left. As we were waiting in line to play, we noticed 4 guys playing 8-ball, or so we thought. It turned out to be 3 guys and 1 really big HE-MAN, it was quite scary because she looked like she could kick all of our asses. The HE-MAN’s team won so we got to play them. Unfortunately, we lost because of Carlos, so thanks to Carlos I ended my night on a loss. All in all, I had a really good time and I hope Carlos enjoyed his B-day.
  10. Miguel Migs Free This Saturday!!!

    sounds like a damn good time...
  11. Bling's Review of Seven Lounge

    well carlos just clarified 4 me that ur not who i thought u werre, so my apologies for the confusion.
  12. Bling's Review of Seven Lounge

    well let me first apologize if I offended anyone because I left when Kaenow started. as far as the quality not quantity, i agree entirely. last, we didn't meet, but I told u ur set was great as I was leaving (if it helps, i was wearing a black long sleave shirt and jeans and I'm Michael by the way)
  13. Happy Bday TheMrs

    Happy Birthday Tonie! "It's a celebration Bitches. I'm Rick James..."
  14. Happy B-day Bling!

    Happy B-day Bling "It's a celebration Bitches. I'm Rick James..."
  15. Bling's Review of Seven Lounge

    That was pretty fucked up, but funny. I have faith in Carlos , he wont let us down. He will be the Messiah of house. In fact he's is the one that crossed me over from all that party 93.1 trance garbage into real music (For all u trance ppl, please dont take offense to that). I got your back negro . But Domingo, u threw down some good shit man, much props to u . Anyhoo, on another note last night was fun. Great people. Great music. As far as the place (Seven) is concerned I've seen better but overall I had a really great time. I had the chance to meet some CPers which was a lot of fun. U all were real nice, so nice that it almost brought a tear 2 my eye j/p. No but 4 real, I had a really fun time and I hope 2 be at many other CP events. (The funny thing about that smilie is that it looks like the same amount of people that were actually at the place last night)