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  1. dj's on my wishlist this wmc2005

    Orbital- reunion Swarm Sharaz Paul Johnson Hype Swamp Angel Alanis
  2. The thought of it makes me want to stay in Boston and drink Lead Paint! Just my 2cents
  3. Best Part Of Wmc 2004?

    The Metal Headz Boat Party takes my cake!
  4. The sound was kinda shitty on the DnB stag but that shit was goin off all day and night! TWisted Individual absolutly tore that place apart
  5. Anyone know when/where the Perfect 10 party is gonna be this year, or even better who's gonna be throwin down? - Off the subject anyone see any of the following on any bills for this year? Mj Cole Spacemen Sharaz Swamp Q- bert Z trip 30 fingers of funk